Good luck to all the DiS community members starting their GCSEs today!

Just remember, they’re not the be all and end all! Try not to stress out too much about them x

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We’re collectively better than this now, n00b

Remember, 3 marks off a ‘C’ is still a ‘D’.

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always going to be a few outliers mate.

Sounds like someone needs to re-sit their English Language GCSE!!!

Thank the lord for the edit function and thank the lord for you too Antonypocalypsenow.

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Sounds like someone needs to re-sit their Maths GCSE!!!

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Classic English person.

Most pointless GCSEs you have? Toss up between Welsh and Drama for me. Yep.

I have an ‘E’ in Design Technology - Resistant Materials.

Did you submit some toothpaste or something

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I’ve got a 1 in Latin.

Pedicabo amici procul

half a GCSE in religious studies


An A4 sheet of paper with the words, “I am going to design and make a box” written on it for my coursework and four bits of MDF glued together.


I have an A grade A level in that
Utter waste of time

Fuck you, my mother was a SAINT

Can’t really see how a box would consist of four sides so think I understand their decision here Ant

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