Good Luck

Do you have any good luck charms or rituals you do which make no sense to anyone else, but mean something to you?

I don’t, but other people do, maybe you’re one of them.

I always find it a bit strange when Irish people say good luck sometimes instead of goodbye.

Or have I imagined this?

No this is definitely a thing.

I wore a new pair of socks to a Plymouth v Exeter game about 5 years ago and we won so now those are my football-going socks. Hope this helps.

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Every time before a big Netrunner tournament, I ritually have loose stools and have to go for a walk to get my breathing under control.

Never fails.

Never encountered this. Sounds mildly threatening.


You are helping me a lot

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I say this all the time

I don’t, but have mates who carry around crystals in their bag because they apparently do stuff (they don’t do stuff)

Just makes me think of the “here we go” guy. Here we go, good luck.

On my walk to work there’s this shop that’s being renovated. It has loads of old newspapers in the window. On one page is an advert for Snow Patrol’s upcoming tour. On another page is an advert for a dentist, which features a huge picture of some really grim teeth.

I realised yesterday that every morning I’ve either seen the Snow Patrol ad, or the hideous teeth ad. Never both. I’m now going to test whether the picture I see on my walk to work determines the sort of day I’m going to have.

This morning I saw the Snow Patrol ad. If I have a good day it’s basic science - that advert is good luck.

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it’s a bit sinister isn’t it

what you think your reply is better than mine or something

usually goes without saying

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true :heart:

I dress to the left whenever I have an important meeting first thing at work.