Good m'evening to you all

Dark innit

Please report all your business below


Funny business

Happy business

Show business

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Good evening, I am going to work on my assignment until 2am then attempt 6.5hrs of sleep. I hate and enjoy it at the same time


leftover lasagne, bath, planning emergency cinema trips before they probably close them on us again next week :frowning:

Might actually commit to a new phone too!! Only about … 18 months after I first thought about it. Impressive even by my standards



We were going to go to Hastings today, but the boy felt car sick so we only made it as far as Eastbourne. I didn’t mind - the ice cream is better in Eastbourne anyway. Stopped off at the Long Man of Wilmington on the way. You can’t beat a massive bit of art cut into chalk landscape.

Tomato-y fish stew for dinner, which was tasty. No plans for tonight. I might fire up Ableton and add some piano to a remix I’ve been playing with, depending on how long Jimbo’s bedtime takes.


Busyness business


Having not eaten anything since 6pm yesterday, I’ve just inhaled two portions of veggie lasagne and quite a lot of garlic bread.

I feel peculiar.

Ite. Trying a variety of shroomdogs that is new to us - very exciting. Also quizzy Mondays - very exciting. Oh and a man is coming round to the house to collect our apple harvest as he’s making cider. He’s bringing his telescopic apple picker, bless him.


never heard

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Leftover pasta for tea. That’s it. Really in the mood for a pub pint.

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just had keema and pitta for dinner. work in a few hours. hopefully it goes better than last night’s debacle :frowning:

been feeling very flat and glum since getting back from holiday. forced myself to do a zwift this afternoon & put in a solid shift, and i feel a bit better now. did some boring life admin too, like booking an mot for the car & some heating oil so i don’t freeze

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how was the hol though EM :slight_smile:

it was good, a nice change of scene if nothing else. the weather was utterly rank so I didn’t get out on the bike/into the hills nearly as much as I wanted to, which i think has contributed to the current glum. missed my cat too :frowning:

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I’m looking for an excuse to go play a nerd game without just saying “I quite want to go play my nerd game all evening now thanks bye”

meditation and self reflection

Just put a pizz on

  • Always extra cheese
  • Nah there is enough on it already

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That just sounds like wanking.

Probably better though

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Oh love I empathise completely as I was in the same place a few weeks ago.

You have all of my good wishes and support x

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