Good morning fellow regulars faps is the WORST



new badge!

how are you today? what are you doing?

I’ve been up since 4am. thank you jet-lag.


Is the Private Lounge any good?

Could you spend today renaming other people’s threads?


I became a devout regular this morning aswell. I had <4 hours sleep so im very groggy. Genuinely couldn’t tell if it was 7pm or 7am when walking to the train station just now :weary:


oh shit! can I rename other people’s threads??


Do I have to go to work?


I’m guessing everyone else will too, think you just have to hang around for so many days


I need about seven or eight more sleeps.




I’ve been awake since six. Don’t know why. Might put a load of washing on, really start the day well.


when is an acceptable time to start a noisy washing machine?


I guess I could just ride my bike in the opposite direction instead


Same rule as for musical instruments: 10 at the absolute earliest.


Washing machine is in the kitchen and can’t be heard in the rest of the house so I think I’ll get away with it. Otherwise I’d say any time after nine.


Ten o’clock is way too early for instruments. Twelve at the earliest I say.

Also, what instruments are you playing at ten in the morning?


The pink oboe, mostly.


I was also up at 4am. Worried about work, then my cat was fighting another in the garden, so I was sprinting round after them trying to break it up. FFS.


morning chaps. smoked a heavy hash spliff last night and woke up on the sofa having a mini spin out. was sweating and shit. was close to puking, I reckon. not sure why this happened, tbh

crawled up to bed and climbed in without cleaning the choppers. teeth and gums feel disgusting this morning

anti jazz


Nah, it’s shit.

It’s mostly people slagging off @aggpass and making you suddenly aware that people here know each other in real life.


ate too much porridge and feel a bit sick. still too scared to go to the dentist about my very dodgy teeth.



i’m fearing the worst here