Good morning fellow regulars faps is the WORST

new badge!

how are you today? what are you doing?

I’ve been up since 4am. thank you jet-lag.

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Is the Private Lounge any good?

Could you spend today renaming other people’s threads?

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I became a devout regular this morning aswell. I had <4 hours sleep so im very groggy. Genuinely couldn’t tell if it was 7pm or 7am when walking to the train station just now :weary:

oh shit! can I rename other people’s threads??


Do I have to go to work?

I’m guessing everyone else will too, think you just have to hang around for so many days

I need about seven or eight more sleeps.


I’ve been awake since six. Don’t know why. Might put a load of washing on, really start the day well.

when is an acceptable time to start a noisy washing machine?

I guess I could just ride my bike in the opposite direction instead

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Same rule as for musical instruments: 10 at the absolute earliest.

Washing machine is in the kitchen and can’t be heard in the rest of the house so I think I’ll get away with it. Otherwise I’d say any time after nine.

Ten o’clock is way too early for instruments. Twelve at the earliest I say.

Also, what instruments are you playing at ten in the morning?

The pink oboe, mostly.


I was also up at 4am. Worried about work, then my cat was fighting another in the garden, so I was sprinting round after them trying to break it up. FFS.

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morning chaps. smoked a heavy hash spliff last night and woke up on the sofa having a mini spin out. was sweating and shit. was close to puking, I reckon. not sure why this happened, tbh

crawled up to bed and climbed in without cleaning the choppers. teeth and gums feel disgusting this morning

anti jazz

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Nah, it’s shit.

It’s mostly people slagging off @aggpass and making you suddenly aware that people here know each other in real life.

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i’m fearing the worst here

a pure rank feeling