Good morning, Friday fans


What have you got going on today?

Trying to get out of bed but ive just realised we’re out of coffee. Shhiiiiiittttt.



I ended my work day yesterday by sending an email that’s going to piss some people off, ending with “Please let me know if you have any questions.”. Then immediately logged off and went home before they could. Reckon I’ll have to deal with that today. Don’t want to.

So I’ll muddle through work, come home and play Mass Effect, then not get much sleep because there are people staying in my house this weekend and I dread that more than anything else in the world.



Day off today. Still lying in bed with a cup of tea. My wife didn’t realise I wasn’t at work and started getting a bit worried/annoyed when I was refusing to get out of bed :smile:

Not got much planned for the day. Need a bit of shopping, might wash the car, might just play Xbox until my eyes are frazzled.

Having :pizza: tonight :slight_smile:


Morning Eric, Epimer & Urbanfox,

We’ve got a client coming into the office today and I’ve not met them previously so hopefully they live up to how hilarious they are whenever we chat on the phone. I’m also hoping that they don’t hang about for long as I’ve got a ton to be getting on with and could kind of do without the added distraction.

No concrete plans made for this evening yet.


So much essay to write :sleepy:


@JDonBalonz pls tell us about your day


Got drunk on Malibu last night.

Greetings from Switzerland!


Gonna get into work late today, get some overtime back


Finger anyone on the dancefloor?


WFH, got period pains, waiting for bf to be finished with a conf call so i can do us a big vegan fry up

Got a spinning class later that is Destiny’s child themed. Quite excited tbh.


Morning everyone. Submitted a big proposal at work yesterday - hoping to hear some positive noises from the client today.
No plans this evening.
Tomorrow we’re taking a friend and their 5 year old for their first ever climbing session then seeing friends for dinner.
Sunday the TV will probably be mainly revising for a professional exam so I will play lots of Nioh and watch football.


Saw the old Ruffers in Bristol last night didn’t I. Cloud Nowts were good.

Gonna head out for a big bike ride shortly to Cheddar Gorge. I’ve eaten too much breakfast though :weary:


Trying to get my passport booked (not for exciting travel purposes just boring banking ones) and all the London appointments are at the shittest times :dizzy_face: all the good ones are in Peterborough ffs


Wasn’t that bad, there was an unexpected outbreak of reasonableness overnight.


Friday innit.


no idea what to do with today shrugs


Im playing mario 64


probably going to play zelda and feel guilty that I’m not making music tbh


I tried to get into playing that on an emulator but it didn’t grab me. Probably because I never played it the first time around so don’t have any nostalgia for it.


I still find it to be a joy