Good morning Friday fans


Roxanne by the Police speeded up every time they say Roxanne:

See you in a bit x


Zac Goldsmith and Brexit: both given a fuck off.


Lovely stuff (both @smee and @1101010)

I can’t beat that, but I did meet Alan Sparhawk from Low last night. Lovely guy.


Got a job interview on Skype this morning. Feels weird sat in my house in a suit and no shoes. Might do the whole thing with no trousers on.


Good luck with the interview - hope it goes well regardless of whether you’re wearing trousers or not!


Morning DiS. WFH for the 4th day in a row. The baristas at Costa (yep, I like Costa, deal with it) know my order for when I go for a change of scenery. TV is away for the weekend. Tonight I will be playing Uncharted 4, tomorrow is Christmas shopping, and Sunday is climbing in the Peak District assuming it stays dry.


I feel really crappy today for some reason



Definitely coming down with something. I’m going to push on through as I’m see The Julie Ruin this evening. Dead excited!


Much like Bill Oddie, an oldie but a goodie*

*unless he’s one of the million BBC pedos and I wasn’t told


Thanks pal. I am wearing trousers…(for now) :thumbsup: :bumsup:


Morning everyone. Bit hungover. Went to a beer launch and shit-talked about music and beer. Off to Glasgow later to see Placebo.


staying with my auntie

10/10 best new host




also, still a classic


Alright team? Parents are down for the weekend but won’t be here until late tonight.

  • Friday evening - heading up to St James’ Street for a few drinks with a pal
  • Saturday - haggis toasties! East London gin distillery! Andina!
  • Sunday - nae much


Busy weekend :slight_smile:

Tonight: bike club Christmas party! I might win an award.

Tomorrow: mr pn’s mum is about, but I wanna watch the rugby.

Sunday: leading a bike ride, then Christmas lunch at a pals. Los Campesinos with mr pn, sister pn and @hip_young_gunslinger in the evening :smiley:

Also: as we left the flat this morning, there’d been a Beer52 delivery for us. WTF. We haven’t ordered it. MYSTERY GIVER, REVEAL YOURSELF!


I never really despaired, but I did have moments when I thought, “Leo, what are you doing with your life? Is this where you want to be?”


I want a haggis toastievtight now


Exhausted. Future of the Left were GREAT but the chicken I had afterwards is possibly repeating on me. Bad bum brewing. :frowning:


Fucking hell.

The chilling thing are those people who’ve actually died in chimneys.