Good morning Friday!

Some might say it’s the best day of the week. Others prefer Saturday. Surely those are the only two in the running though. What about those crazy folk who think Sunday is the start of the week instead of the end of it?!?!

Anyway, I’m off to Corby, have a great day x


7:50am and it’s only just getting light in Edinburgh - Scottish winters :cold_face:

Half day wfh, then off for a haircut, then off to Glasgow to do stuff and get :pizza: and :beers: before seeing Young Fathers :partying_face:


Morning Bam, morning Gunners, morning rich, morning everybody. Sunday is the end of my week - finish about 3am in the morning. Today will be a long day and feel like a long day but there’s likely a pint at the end as a reward.

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Anxiety overload. Feel like bursting in to tears as soon as i walk through work doors in two minutes.

good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

I’ve had approximately 4 hours sleep, and I may be a little bit hungover. Today is going to be grim.

Happy Friday everyone.

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wonder if I should prepare a selfie for later

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Sunday is the start of my week and has been since I started working.

Have a whole day of solo parenting today, my partner is going in for a kit day. Really nervous as she is still breast-fed for the majority of her food. We’re hoping that topping her up before my partner leaves, then a feed at lunch will be ok. So going to mooch around town today. May go to the Xmas market with some of the NCT guys and drink mulled mead after she’s finished

Morning. Staring out of the train window listening to Julien Baker.



great sunrise here atm too!

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How were mudhoney?

damn my elliott smith t-shirt has faded so much.

goodbye elliott :frowning:

it’s board game central!


and yeah it has a really big tesco which is quite exciting to me


I can’t believe I’m so jealous that you’re going to Corby. Can’t wait to get home in three weeks!

I’ve got another cold. I am unhappy about it. Have to go out tonight and tomorrow as well and I just can’t be arsed.


Brilliant. So good that there were middle aged crowd surfers.


Not sure if many people will ‘get’ this, but the bit at the very end of Go Home gets me every time. It’s from a hymn called In Christ Alone, which I sang at both my grandparents’ funerals.

:frowning: sorry for your loss

Ah it’s okay, they were both very old and lived good lives. And this was a few years back anyway :slight_smile:

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got my cds ready for the car journey