Good morning friday 🌄

I really got into Watermelon Daquiris in Thailand a few years ago. They were my happy hour drink of choice at a proper nice hotel we were staying at with my first ever swim up bar!!

Tried to recreate them at home in my cold, dark flat…not quite the same vibe.


Hey Guys!! What a mad lot of #engagement on the morning thread! So stoked, can’t believe it…#amaze #wows

Obviously the big merch is going to @1000YearBanFFS or the big sexybnm as we like to call him, what a birthday banger he’s having! #ginoclock #bigpresents

So much love for you guys…the Morning Crew 4evs!!


I’m so slow. I was like "whoa who got engaged??! " but no, you’re all doing a thing. I get it now.

#feelsoold #andconfused

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Tiredy McBrierdy right here

Done some smashing yawns though

:yawning_face: :+1:

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