Good morning friday 🌄

Have you all lost your fucking heads?


Hey toasters!
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Today though I’m here to talk relationships. Mostly about how to get what you want in a relationship. This morning Mr Toast wanted me to go to the bakery with him to get the weekend pastries and breads but I was snuggled up in bed!! A simple “no I’m not coming” won’t wash with him so he agreed I could cut him a deal. The deal started with me agreeing to go to Sainsbury’s for tomorrow evening dinner bits but part of the deal included him also going to Waitrose to do the wine run (my supermarket wine reviews will be up next week!!). Little does he know, I’ll be making him get the food in Waitrose too! Sucker!!! Play the game ladies and you will not lose!
This weeks video is sponsored by Nigella Eat Cook Repeat. Watch Nigella on BBC 2 on Mondays cook up a storm of delicious comfort meals you will want to make again and again. She even features our beloved toast with a revolutionary 2 step buttering process! Check it out guys and let me know in comments below how much you’re enjoying it!
Have a happy Friday guys! Remember to treat yourself kindly, get in your Toaster pjs and snuggle down for a relaxing cosy weekend!
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Loves yas!!


My tea went cold writing this! :triumph:


what up DiS, its your boy japes coming back at you with some more cba


I’ve just been browsing job vacancies on the Greater London Authority website. I thought “Head of Fire” would be the most awesome job title until I noticed that the Head of Fire reports to the Deputy Mayor of Fire and Resilience.



It’s a nice day! Maybe a bit chilly but no probs

No work. I’m going to meet my eldest daughter for a walk and a coffee soon, looking forward to that as she’s spending lockdown 2 at her boyfriends and I’ve not seen her in what seems like ages but who knows now time has no meaning

No plans after that but hopefully I’ll get some shit done and won’t just fritter the day away

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EDIT: please engage with my fun fun reconditioned iPhone thread


30 minutes and counting

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Oh hey watchers, if you’re new to my channel you might not know, but Friday here with Flashinglight is the best day of the week and I hope you will all join me later for our #SFPP stream, that’s right - Standard Friday Pizza Protocol is on and today we’re reviewing pizzas from our partner ASDA so don’t miss it and remember you can redeem a discount on all of our #SFPP merchandise using the hash tag as a code at checkout

Oh wow this is hard to keep up, the only youtube stuff I have ever watched is with R when he liked Maddie and Gregg Go Live. I have no idea.

Standard Friday plans this evening and I’m happy with that: :pizza: :arrow_forward: :star::walking_woman::minidisc:-:o: :arrow_forward::beers: :arrow_forward: :clock9: :eye: :arrow_down: :musical_note: :arrow_forward::open_book::arrow_forward::sleeping_bed:

Currently listening to the almost new Emily Sprague album and cutting out some collage bits for R so he can finish his latest zine at the weekend. Then nap.


Hey there, guys, good to be back for another episode of What The Shigg. Let’s hope we can avoid a repeat of last week, even though some of your comments were GOLD. Ha ha! Anyway, today we’ve got a RAINY WALK CHALLENGE, a reverse-haul to Asda to return some clothes :frowning: (don’t worry guys, there’ll be an unboxing in about a week when my ASOS reorder drops!) and our special guest host The Kid is hanging out ALL DAY because it’s an INSET day! Ring that bell to keep in the loop, and subscribe for more awesome videos like this. Let’s go! #eggstacy


You guys must watch a lot of YouTube in order to be able to write like this. SMH




I’m just seeding my channel here early for greater #engagement #numbers #thankyou


Morning, got up to do my team social at 9am which meant getting dressed and straightening my hair and putting on make up and it was cancelled late last night :triumph:

Come to Brazil! :pray: :pray::pray:


Hello and GOOD MORNING to everyone watching my tilty #content this fine day! I’m here alllll day and I’m gonna be sharing some of my top tips for how you too can get the most out of today. At ten am ill be SHARING my quick and easy method to make a boat ton of cash and then at 12 me and JoJo Bevans will be showing you some new glitter makeup techniques.

Stay tuned and make sure you follow the hashtag #imatiltyfan to keep up with all of today’s fun. Currently sipping on a diet coke #ad #friday


I dont think I’ve seen one in my life. But enough people parody them, that really shit episode of inside number 9 is my reference point


Who else is really looking forward to @ma0sm’s bin quiz? Let me know in the comments below #pumped #binittowinit #biniton


A year older today. :grimacing:




Happy birthday!

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