Good morning fridayers

It’s 7:50am and i’m in work :disappointed: have a deadline today too :disappointed:

What’s going on with yous?

WFH :+1:
Rugby league world cup on at 10am :+1:
TV is coming round with wine and cheese for Mario night later :+1:
3-0 Thrillho


Morning! Can’t believe it’s Friday already, where has the week gone etc etc

I’ve been really bad at getting out of bed this week. Usually not until about half seven. Haven’t been at work before half nine, which isn’t terrible, but it’s eating into the flexi I had built up.

Debating whether to go and see Perfect Blue tonight. I’ve seen it a few times (including once before in the cinema), but it won’t cost me anything to go tonight as I have a cineworld card, and I have nothing else to do.

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I guess the deadline means the end of a shitty job though…? or does that just mean the start of another shitty job? :confused:

neither somehow, i’ve agreed to do two more days next week :disappointed:

Alright, gang? :muscle:




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Day is looking pretty decent. Mrs CCB and the girls are coming down to Cambridge for lunch today so that’ll be nice. And got friends coming over for dinner later.


Good morning from the top floor of Bus Eireann Route 215 DiS.

Another day of training at the zombie job. Waiting on a start date from the other job now. Heading to watch Cork City lift the title against Bray Wanderers tonight with an ATD so that’ll be great fun.



So yawn sensitive am I, I couldn’t stop yawning just looking through pictures of lions yawning :sleeping:

Morning :wave:

Totally PUMPED for tonight!! Going to see a spooky film with a live band accompaniment. My friend has been asked to appear out of the murk dressed as one of the characters at a vital moment :rofl: Though tomorrow we’ve decided to do some Munros which means leaving at 7 am :scream: no getting sloshed then.

Today - so much to do… COFFEE


I would have gone with you JB!! :heart:


You and your sleepy lion just made me do a yawn!

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:pizza: tonight (obviously). Going to a Murder Mystery dinner at a spooky hotel tomorrow night! One with actors! Excited.

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Oh my goodness the pastries from the norfolk st bakery are so good.
(@Epimer @colon_closed_bracket @83746725) .

  • No coffee for me thanks
  • Might have one or two

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noticed the tv had put a bunch of pinto beans on to soak. burrito night tonight :sunglasses:



In work, a crisp, clear day outside my window. Wife and kids have been in Plymouth for the past few days so looking forward seeing them again this evening. Not that I’ll see them for long as I’m back of to Ramsgate to see The Field. Also cannot wait for the barrage of questions about why I haven’t done certain things around the house whilst they’ve been away

Not really hungover but v tired and I’ve chewed up the inside of my top lip something rotten. Left loads of stuff in the pub last night because I’m an idiot (thank you @anon82218317 for looking after it for me xxx). Also might have started beeves and tried to use architect as an insult. Probably need to turn my phone off when I lash.

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can’t believe how many no-coffee-ers there are. how do you get through the day?!? you dont want to see me before i get my coffee!! lol #coffeegoals


I generally only have one or two max else I go batshit hyper and don’t stop talking