Good morning fridayers

“Sometime”. Yeah, any old time will do. I don’t think there’s a prescribed time for it.

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Spent the morning hunting for my lino printing supplies. Next comes the accidentally stabbing myself in the hand and swearing stage. Even after the lino plate has been on the radiator.

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Just had a greasy sausage and egg roll from the van, it was immense

Ooh you’ve given me an idea for a guaranteed 5-reply thread

so may mixed emotions today

I have this work thing that has to be done today, has filled me with anxiety and dread all week. I just need to hurry up and get it out the way.

On the other hand, it;s Friday, it’s a nice day and I’m looking forward to spending the weekend playing Mario , riding bikes and binging Stranger things

Booked myself into a corner meeting room on the ‘observatory’ floor at work for the day so I can get shit done/be anti-social/listen to Fever Ray. Lovely views over Bloomsbury Square and the jelly mould looking top of the Brit Museum glass domes…

Fish and chips from work canteen incoming imminently…


Hello all,

Have a far too much work for a Friday.

Can’t decide whether to go see Godspeed this evening.

there’s a handy poll up there^ to help you decide

Go and see GY!BE!


Morning. St Vincent was amazing last night


It’s poor form to make a Bloody Mary and have it at my desk?!


Old background plate that I cleaned up the background of a little, and new plate ready to cut after resting on the radiator for a while to soften up.

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nah, it’s friday. HIT IT

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:thinking:you do make a good point

I think you know what things you need to get out from the cupboard. . .

And it’s also an art form that literally demands your blood.

Are you even cutting a lino plate if you don’t stab yourself in the hand at least once?

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good answer, I dunno I have a huge soft spot for Sumday at the moment, the second half is really beautiful!


Got in an argument with a snobby colleague who says Sumday is shit. I maintain the second half is also beautiful

The first cut is the deepest. I very much recommend these plastic cutting trays. Protects your hand and makes it easy to turn and rotate the plate. Also warm up the plate to soften it.


But I’ve seen them loooads.

@japes you going?

You can never see them enough!