Good morning, good morning, good morning-ga. it is friday


One breakfast every day for the rest of your life:

  • Toast
  • Cereal/museli/granola
  • Full English
  • Light cooked breakfast eg eggs on toast
  • Yoghurt and fruit or something like that
  • Coffee and a cigarette
  • Porridge

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Porridge, I used to really want that magic pot that filled the house with porridge from that kid’s story :sweat_smile:


V. Difficult question. I would like porridge in the winters and cereal for the other seasons pls.


Morning! WFH then off to a stag do in Manchester this evening. Oi oi!


That’s really hitting me with nostalgia but I can’t place the story?


Thank you for asking nicely - I grant your wish. Enjoy Radiohead tonight, I’m going to a posh wine bar


Hard question, that.

Weekend plans involve a 200km bike ride tomorrow evening. Should be alright I reckon.


Good question. Big fan of toast and its many varieties and toppings so gone there.

Happy Friday everyone!


You forgot Huel.


Quarter of a century old today. Celebrating by taking a half day and going to Glasgow with my flatmate to see Radiohead :smiley:


Full English… then just leave the bits I don’t want…

In a car on my way to a meeting (see minor irks thread for full details)

Haxan cloak tonight :foggy:


Happy birthday chief, hope you have a great day/enjoy Radiohead!

One last day of work before a week off in the Lake District. There’s trouble brewing and I’m desperate for it not to kick off before we go so will be an anxious day of keeping a low profile (not hard when you work from home) and hoping I don’t hear from a number of people. Fingers crossed!


Here it is!


Egg + Toast for me, Clive

Bonjour á tout le monde!

For the first time in a few weeks Friday means Friday for me. 2 or 3 hours of week and then wind the clock down til the weekend.

Hopefully the weather stays decent over the weekend so I can lie around in the sun tomorrow. Going for brunch with me mam and dad on Sunday. Not really anything planned for the weekend otherwise.


Another vote for Davidoff eggs and toast.

Last day at work, woohoo. Gonna celebrate by drinking 1.5 beers tonight and going to bed. Quite warm out isnt it? Not a fan tbqh.


Happy birthday, it’s gonna be a glorious day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A reporting website I built goes live today so I’m really nervous about that.

Been awake since 3am, as I couldn’t get back to sleep in the heat and worry.

Today’s going to be a long day.




In a bright eyes mood today


Happy Friday, everyone.