Good Morning Hi, how are you? What do you do? What do you listen to? Where do you go? Are you with them or are you with us? How do you dress? Who are your friends?

It’s early huh

Don’t Brakes yourself Smee

Morning. Today is my Tuesday I suppose. At work all weekend. It’s getting lighter and lighter in the mornings now, so that’s nice. Listening to Midwife and walking in to work through the park. Hopefully today goes alright.


It’s a ring toss game


I’m on my bus on the way to a six hour exam which is the main thing that I’ll be doing today



Cheers rich

Not going to lie Smee, suffering from a bit of trapped wind this morning.


checks watch


Too early. Had a steroid injection in my hammy ankle yesterday which lead to some constant aching and pain in my leg all last night which lead to an 11pm bedtime which has lead me to here, awake at 7am. Pain has mostly cleared up though so there’s that. Nothing doing today til work at 5pm, more King of the Hill and pie for lunch I think.

Good morning :wave:

I woke up at about 6:30 even though for once I don’t have to. Had an awesome time at the Youthmovies gig last night and afterwards.

Trying to decide if I should go to a museum or something before I go home as I have some flexibility with time.

I would probably do some morally dubious things for pie at lunchtime.

I probably say this three times a day, to a great deal of confusion

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Morning all!

The Child has been really helpful in preparing me for a really busy morning by being awake at 4.30 and again at 7.00.

Three Weetabix for breakfast.


Last day o training in the big smoke. Couple of crew heading in for BEERS afterward, colour me excited. Mrs stack is heading to see her mum tonight in Watford so a lie in tomorrow to boot! Happy Friday.

Going to listen to Dirty Mind today.

“It’s fine Keith just take the pie but please put your trousers back on”


Gutted I can’t make those shows. Was it good?

Morning all. Last day of early shift week and I’m just surviving by eating everything I see. I’m going to be in and around Salisbury at the weekend, hope to gather some spy gossip.

Really fun, Adam Gnade’s set was immense and Youthmovies were a bit rusty in places (really stumbled through TNGIAM) but they were still so good to watch, I would take a slightly below their best Youthmovies over most bands on top of their game.


Morning lads and lasses. Spent the day on a work trip to Dunedin. Ran a bit of training, solved some problems, went record shopping - found a store with loads of old country on vinyl and shelves full of tapes (!?!) - old ones, not new hipster releases. Now hanging out at my mothers place watching Dr Martin.