Good Morning Hi, how are you? What do you do? What do you listen to? Where do you go? Are you with them or are you with us? How do you dress? Who are your friends?

I should have gone to this. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Hey, good morning.

I make it Friday.

Tight schedule today, need to finish analysis and send the results out and leave the office by 4.

This evening, schnipp schnapp haare ab, and then home for tea.

No real weekend plans aside from getting the kids ready for Mothers Day tomorrow.

Just realised it’s pay day. Woo!

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I make that Pimms O’Clock


I ate loads of seitan wings last night which were great but WAY too salty so I’ve woken up with a banging food hangover. Headache, dry mouth etc.

Off to that London later to eat loads of food and probably drink a beer.

morning all

I had a dream I got dragged onto a conference call at work by some partners because they needed to know which was the best PJ Harvey album to play during a client meeting. I said Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, they were dead happy and that was that.

As a result of this, I am listening to PJ Harvey on the way to work for the first time in ages and this is a good thing. thanks subconscious :+1:


Hi Friends, was up super early dropping the GF off at city airport, so dropped by billingsgate cafe after. The scallop and bacon roll with a coffee is still the treatiest of treats.

Got a late afternoon meeting/ rum tasting w/ havana club is hopefully gonna be boss.

Got the flat to myself this weekend, so need to go food shopping (to buy lots of crappy snacks that are verboten by the GF)

I got into to work at 7:15, that’s the earliest I’ve been in since… checks time sheets at least, November not going back any further.

Cooked properly and slept properly for the first time in ages last night.

Think Im on top of all my work stuff, so got a relatively easy day.

Going to see Ladybird after work.

Gonna listen to youth movies, can’t remember if I liked them, think I did.

Hi. Not in work today. Going to go for a long run, then getting on a train to facking Landan etc

The number of times I’ve heard this phrase!



Maccies lunch today I reckon

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Isn’t it @iamwiggy’s birthday today?

just the kind of dream I love. Whimsical, satisfying, and has a small impact on how you go about your day. I’ve been having vivid adventure dreams lately, makes waking up such a disappointment.

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Have a fab time!!!


Morning. Quite hungover. Youthmovies were pretty good last night and it was nice meeting incandenza and flashinglight! Not out of bed yet but gotta be out of our airbnb within the hour so should get up really but cba. Gonna potter about in oxford in a bit.

There’s cake in the kitchen. Is it too early for cake?

  • Obviously yes
  • Fuck you I’m getting some anyway

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Covered Market, Ben’s Cookies. Thank me later.


I think we’ve said it enough now, if they don’t listen to us then they’re fools.

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Morning all.

Tired. So tired.

Off to watch some noisy fiends and drink beer tonight. That should be good.

Hope everyone is well and has that Friday feeling.

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