Good morning, it's Tuesday

Do join in on some quiz fun later, won’t you?

Got any plans today? Off anywhere nice?

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Morning Joke.

Work. Might clean the fridge later.


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Funky Friday :partying_face:


Morning joke

It’s my dad’s birthday. Feel a bit sad about not being able to see him. Got him the 33⅓ books of Hunky Dory and Tusk, so hoping they’ve arrived in time. Today I’ll be doing the same as normal, fuck all. A beer order may be delivered and that’s about it. Back to work tomorrow :grimacing:


Doing a half day training course via Zoom this morning. If I’d wanted to do it IRL/pre corona I would’ve had to go to London, so errr 1-0 me I guess.

Need to go to Big Tesco later, restock the freezer with fake meat.

Full day training course on zoom for me!
1-0 guntrip


Nothing to report.

Police helicopter was making a racket in the night. I’m tired.

Just turned the radio on at R’s request and they’re playing Low (California)
1-0 Flashinglight



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Gooooood morning Jack, BC, Funky, Rich, Gunty, FL, Warny, Eps. Good morning DiS.


Morning. I’ve got to go into work today, on the train :grimacing: got a new starter, need to pick up some PPE and a laptop.

Slept terribly. Worrying about everything. Ugh

Slightly done at the idea of someone standing on the ground with a remote control directing a full size police helicopter.

I’m tired.

Can’t you drive in? There won’t be much traffic.

Looks nice out

I did consider it but parking is an issue

Bet the car park at my old work will be open but nearly empty if you’re willing to risk the ire of the building manager.

Russell Street, first left

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Thank you for the tip. I’m at Littleport and the train is practically empty. And Mrs CCB found an old bottle of hand sanitiser the other day so I’ve got that.

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Do you want some hand sanitizer?

And new Tesco wanker beers