Good morning mateys

edit: not any more!

Morning Bon-oh, I’m taking my daughter to see the Fresh Prince of Baghdad in a little bit

Morning all.

I can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes everything is in Mario maker style blocks. Help me.

Good afternoon the-o. Wishing you and the bairn an enjoyable seeing of TFPOB

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Good morning beefo, I diagnose you with the Tetris Effect. Cease playing Mario Maker immediately. After three years you should be fine

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Morning richo!

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Morning! My body still hurts fml :sob:

So tired :cry:

I’ve got a nine o’clock call with my big boss and I’ve been so slack with getting into work on time recently that this seems like some nigh-impossible task that’s going to require a Herculean amount of effort.


Oi, Monday! Yeah, you! Monday? You’re Monday, aye?

Fuck right off, Monday.


So tired

Morning. Ouch.

Up most of the night. Not very well.

Still, five days until Neil Young/Bob Dylan, and less than two weeks until a three week trip around Canada. I just need to hold my shit together for a little bit longer.

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had a 10/10 weekend and now I have to go to fucking work? not cool.

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Fo, m.

Just me that’s feeling good then aye?