Good morning Monday

Woke up at 6. Someone else is probs doing a day thread right now.

Happy Monday. Sending love and laughter your way x


Morning Tilts.

My left leg has major cramp after cycling yesterday. It bloody hurts. Other than that feeling tickety boo.

Morning Tilto.

I’ve got a new bathroom being fitted this week - which means no shower or bath for a few days. It’s okay though, it’s only going to be 30 degrees today, and I just love being a sweaty, smelly mess.

Also taking one of the dogs to the vet. He seems to have done something to his hips and is in a lot of pain. Really hope that it’s nothing serious.


Yo tiltz.

Was a bit down about how much weight ive put on and then saw a photo from last year which has made me feel worse.
Think I’m gonna have a pre-work bath to chill me out

A really big spider landed on my head in the night. Now we’re a spider positive household, but that was taking the piss. Chucked it out the window.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning, still feel rough. First day back after 2 weeks back.

Only 155 emails so not too bad.

lets none of us do any work today


my phone’s broken so i can’t log into teams or anything with MFA anyway, pretty stupid


new sofa arriving in half an hour :grimacing:

  • it wont fit through the door
  • it wont fit in the room
  • some damage will be done trying to get it in
  • they’ve brought the wrong sofa

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Salutations from safebruvs solitude. I’ll be here all day every day


Does that communal garden get really echo-y if people are talking etc?

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Everyone just uses their balconies tbh

My nice day was totally ruined yesterday due to unforeseen circumstances and I am determined for a do over. Have my camera, watercolours and paper, a book and some sunscreen to catch that midday sun


just wanna be able to choose a new phone in my own time and maybe go a few days without owning one but capitalism won’t even let me do that :frowning:

do you have a separate work phone or have to use your own one?

time to clean up the work mess that I left for myself on Friday, and totally swore I’d fix over the weekend … gonna be a good, good day

Film night with friend later though so

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Been off since Wednesday and dreading logging in but the reality will be not much will have happened

D & D tonight

Looks like it’s going to be a lovely day so hopefully I can squeeze in a bike too but I’m very dozy right now

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