Good morning Monday

it’s my last week of freedom before going back to work proper next week. should probably do something worthwhile with it but will likely just play video games isn’t it. gonna drink threee cups of coffee first though. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:



Wet Ass Biffy is stuck in my head and I don’t want to get out of bed

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Morning all!

I haven’t really planned this morning’s class and my laptop has decided to restart very, very slowly.

its here. it fits. and it only took them 2 minutes :partying_face:

smells weird and new though.


About to tune in to the meeting about our department restructure :grimacing:

Ooh its AQOS day. Maybe today could be The One after all.

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Let’s have a look/judge then


:crossed_fingers: hope there is a good outcome for you


maybe The One could be beating you…


I think my role is OK? Just need to confirm with my manager. Although my contract’s up at the end of the year LOL

Thank you though pal :relaxed:

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Hiya everyone! Got a driving lesson in an hour then NOTHING. I’ve got two weeks off work starting from today and the thought of nothing is daunting. What shall I do?

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I cannot be cba to do anything today. Would really love a hug and a nice lunch but one is impossible and the other requires effort I don’t think I can do.

Weather is making me sad, I can’t wait to be cold.



Today feels like my first proper day of holiday as everyone else is back to work today. Good times.

Weather still awful, so can laze about indoors without feeling bad about it :sunglasses:

Here’s a view of the chair from the sofa


Morning all.

Painting stairwells was harder work than envisaged and I am pretty stiff this morning, with some interesting twinges if I try to twist to the side.

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Properly got the Monday dread for probably the first time since lockdown, and the weather being so utterly glorious outside while I’m stuck inside pretending to work isn’t helping.

Gonna try and knock off early and get outside, probably after I win AQOS.