Good morning Monday

denim sofa? bold.

nah its not denim :laughing:

Denim? I hardly know him!

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Looks like my sofa, where for you get it from?

oh i cant remember… one of the big places. CSS or somewhere? think the sofa is called henry or something?

Me too. I was all geared up for cold last week! I even washed my huge snuggly house hoody in preparation and now THIS?! Urgh.


Update on my forced fun - honestly would rather be in my bed but have to make the most of a day like this. Started painting and really getting into it now even though its actually already very hot to the point I need the shade but the shade is too cold


I got the job, I have employment, I’m not fucked!!


just took a sigh of relief so big that I almost deflated


I was woken up by sunlight this morning. I’d considered getting thicker curtains but it’s actually such a nice way to wake up. Tbh I think I’d have still been happy waking up to the music of Creed at full volume - I’m just really happy that I’ve finally moved.

Got a swim booked in at 10, just having a coffee next to David Thomas’ drinking hole, wondering how he’s coped during lockdown.

Well done joke


thank you

just realised i’ve posted ‘i got the job!!!’ on here three times in the last 12 months, maybe i should chill tf out


Share anytime it’s good to hear good news

post “i still have the job” every day from now on


This is what my nightmares are made of. Terrifying.

Morning campers!
Slept like :poop:, was so hot that I kept waking up in a sweaty sheen and having to stand up and like… shake it off like a dog that’s fetched a tennis ball out of a pond. Lovely.
Gonna have a big clean today, neglected the floors and whathaveyou a bit recently. Also got a sainsbos shop being delivered- well excited cause they had a homeware sale so I got some over the door hooks for my towels, a slow cooker (£20!), mini chopper thing (£12!) and other bits.
Treated myself to a bunch of sunflowers cause they’re my fav but they emailed to say the jug I ordered is out of stock with no suitable replacements. Of course I don’t own a vase, so will be figuring out what to keep them in. Thick stems mean they won’t fit in a half pint glass, hmmmmm.

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Can’t imagine the spider was too happy about it either

Slept okay-ish. Back and legs hurting after doing lots of lifting/carrying/sorting of boxes yesterday.

Work team meeting is pointless atm, cannot hear anyone half the time as I’m still WFH and everyone else is office bound.

Stayed up really late last night reading up on The Shining, what a disturbing film!

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My housemate’s brother who I’ve been complaining about being round every night has moved home now so got some personal space again. Housemate has gone home with him for now but just for a week or two. Place to myself again temporarily, nice.

As a result though I ended up spending the entire weekend on the sofa in front of the TV and so it’s absolutely flown by. Should really have left the house at some point, sun was out yesterday and everything. It’s left me feeling a bit fuzzy headed, will go for a nice walk after work today to try and reset.

Really have no motivation for work atm, job change happens at the end of next month and I’m just counting down the weeks while I try to get the day in answering monotonous phonecalls until then. Bit of a drag waiting it out