Good Morning Monday!

I have a mouse and I’m leaving this house!

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Morning! On my way to the bus stop this morning I saw a space station and then a fox followed me for about two hundred yards, so that was an excellent start to the week.


very interesting! Really can’t imagine what environment would allow for both

Morning all :wave:

I’ve got a day off so we’re all going to the National Space Centre in Leicester! :rocket:


watch out for foxes


Morning lovelies. PCR back +ve so…I’ll be staying at home.

Well, Leicester City FC are nicknamed “The Foxes” so there’s a link there!

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We had no new mouse fatalities last night but Fig is still crying at the gap between the fridge and the cupboard so they’re not all gone.

Late for half term club even though I paid extra for an early drop off. Need to get better at this getting up in the morning lark. Need to get to didsbury and back before work in erm, 40 minutes, lol, still not dressed.

Hope you’re ok :heart:


Thanks. Other than a ridiculous eye then yes. Guess the house will get sorted. And books read. And things cooked :star_struck:

Kids in my class have been falling like mad the last few weeks so feels inevitable…


Taken my first ever sick day, look at me go. My mum would be so disappointed.

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My first day back after three weeks sick. The dread is overpowering right now.

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Oh mate I feel for you. I was waiting back a PCR Friday evening (my ta got it last Monday) and was gonna be so gutted if it was +ive. I already lost my Christmas holidays last year being ill to it.

Hopefully you can fill the week with fun indoor activities and not actually get ill with it. October half term is for lazing anyway x


Just me and my boss for the next fortnight. That’s it, that’s the extent of the workforce.

:+1: you’ll be reet

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You can see the International Space Station from pretty much anywhere if the skies are clear and you time it right. The fox has a den in some of the bushes at the end of the road

Right on half term as well! Look after yourself

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Colleague has Covid. Have to sit in on a meeting at 10:30 on a topic I know nothing about arrrgh


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Morning folks. Just wolfed down a poached egg, bacon and giant crumpet afte a 20 mile bimble round the forest.

Views were on fleek.