Good Morning Monday!


Morning all

Was lovely being out with the dog as the sun came up. He had a bit of a negative reaction to a guy on a skateboard, which is a new one to keep an eye on.

Manager is away.

We’ve discovered that what we thought was a straightforward piece of work was actually hiding an ask for 30 odd appendices worth of management info. Bastards.

D&D tonight, which Smudge will be sitting in on as my GF is out volunteering.


Summer clothes into boxes, autumn winter into the wardrobe. Love doing this…forgot a load of the dresses I have :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Still not got the job offer in writing from the company who are apparently soooo eager to hire me. ffs.

Just sitting on settee playing guitar…

Any wfh’s found that their productivity has dropped off a lot recently?

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  • No

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What am I doing

went to bed nice and early last night coz i definitely need to catch up on some sleep, so of course woke up at like 4am with pure work anxiety and then laid awake for ages. my friend reckons it’s coz of the hunter’s moon, wish it would bugger off already.

obviously gonna smash about 8 coffees today so the cycle can repeat ad infinitum.

  • sleeping fine
  • sleeping like shite
  • meh

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Why is it always 4am this happens


Another quietish work day. Although not quiet enough that I can completely check out for the day unfortunately

D&D later obvs

Hacked the fuck out of the garden. Looks good now. Nice and clear


Morning morning

Up into town for a bit of IMAX
Tapas after :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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no, but only because everything has been going spectacularly wrong it means I HAVE to work which is disgusting to me.

These chicken thigh legs are telling me to put the heating on aren’t they

I think they’re telling you to put trousers on before you think about the heating


Accidentally ended up with an egg & bacon sandwich, pork & cheese pies and some quiche lorraine for lunch. Today is heavily sponsored by eggs, cheese and pork.

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Just saw someone who was the absolute spit of @jordan_229 at the National Space Centre.

Cat is absolutely obsessed with sitting on my lap. Like gets up in my face meowing at me until I let him on and then will never move. #toomuch #ilikemyfreedom!

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You know my ex said there’s someone who works behind a bar in Leicester that looks a lot like me. Wonder if it’s the same guy

I did a proper double take but then I thought “I’m sure Jordan Numbers hasn’t mentioned having a kid”

I used to have an evil twin doppelganger living in the same area as me in Manchester. People I knew often mentioned they’d seen me/him wandering around town and I once got refused entry onto a bus the morning after a quiet night in, because the bus driver started shouting at me and telling me I had some fucking nerve getting on his bus after what I’d done the night before. Another time somebody came running out of a pub armed with a snooker cue and demanding his wallet back and it took several strangers and the pub landlord to separate us.