Good morning sports fans

Pisco sour, obviously.


Shite weather. Got soaked when I was out with the dog.

Gonna make a cake/some cupcakes this afternoon.

Nothing else to do really is there?

Was looking forward to a week (or three) off work, but the weather forecast for the entire week at least is a write off.

You people have stood in my way long enough

I’m ordering an ebow


I am once again asking you to vote for Avery to go to the shop

  • The fresh air will do you good, Avery!
  • Go to the shop, you handsome young man

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I forgot about Piscos! We’ve got a PS mix in the booze cupboard… :thinking:


I’d be interested to hear what people are eating today :arrow_down:

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Ghosts? Please say how it is! Considering coming through from Edinburgh to do it

First trip to the Southbank Centre food market this year. Munching on a burger, drinking a pint of Kernel pils. Is nature healing? No idea, but I think I am.

Just got someone to agree to take me by boat out to an actual desolate island/islet tomorrow, and come back for me on Weds. There’s a small hut where I’ll be sleeping etc. Very excited! Hope I can carry enough firewood.


I et some soup

If you meet a talking racoon in an apron, tell him to fuck off.

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i would normally be very into this but it is currently raining like fuck

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I had some soup for lunch and then had a shower.

I feel warmer now.

Whereas we might get a whopping EIGHT degrees tomorrow!!!

Can you get them to take me and just fucking leave me there


Grow you fucking pricks

Bonus picture of my great grandparents looking really happy

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i’m getting nothing done cos you lot are on bank holiday


Didn’t realise this was the Monday thread all along.

That’s how much I care for sports

The selfies thread is gone already?!
It’s not even the end of the weekend. Hope I didn’t miss anyone’s face.