Good morning sports fans

  • Get in the garden and garden
  • Gardening is very much an afternoon sort of pursuit
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • It’s going to rain soon
  • I’m terrified of rain
  • Suffering a serious :confounded: face just thinking about it
  • If I see one more anonymous poll, I swear I’m going to go eeeeeuuugh! In a very noticeable fashion.
  • Other people in the house might notice
  • They might ask why are you going eeeeeuuugh! In such a noticeable way
  • And I’ll tell them
  • I’ll tell them exactly why I’m going eeeeeuuugh! In such a noticeable way.
  • it’s because of anonymous polls

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Morning all!

Had a lie in.

I’m currently trying to help Buzz Lightyear find Emperor Zurg’s sister. not a euphemism

The Child and Wor Lass are going to meet their friends in a bit so I’ll probably do some work and play DS3.

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  • I say “mackerel frittata oooh and add peas” in the voice of Chris Jericho saying “ooh a little bit of the bubbly”

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  • I might have just clicked on that poll because i like clicking on polls

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Bloody Mary, obviously

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Yeah but are you having sex

Looks like my luck is in. The neighbours seem to be in the garden clearing up the mess mess their vine is without our fwnce to hold onto, which completely removes any possibility of me doing anything in our garden.

What shall I do with all these leftover egg whites?

  • Make fruity pavlova as planned
  • Make coconut meringue cake

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Apparently the cake ‘needs a whole coconut’. Dear reader, we do not have a whole coconut.

For that matter, we don’t have fruits. I hope @Gnometorious realises that she’s popping to the shop today.

It’s raining and winding pretty bad here, as predicted. Left all the boring housework until today for that reason, so that’s what I’ll be doing in between watching the snooker.

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@colon_closed_bracket @grievoustim

Yep think I will hang on and wait. (Yep in the 40+ bracket)

Doing some work. MAH banging out Dua Lipa on 6music helping

@IvorDewdney they have some bangers. My favourite part of doing just dance in the morning with my class is when they all do the What makes you beautiful in glorious sync. Including hands over the head clapping, all getting down on one knee and then leaping, it’s amazing.


Worry not. It’s now nearly midday and we’ve still achieved nothing.

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Pisco sour, obviously.


Shite weather. Got soaked when I was out with the dog.

Gonna make a cake/some cupcakes this afternoon.

Nothing else to do really is there?

Was looking forward to a week (or three) off work, but the weather forecast for the entire week at least is a write off.

You people have stood in my way long enough

I’m ordering an ebow


I am once again asking you to vote for Avery to go to the shop

  • The fresh air will do you good, Avery!
  • Go to the shop, you handsome young man

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I forgot about Piscos! We’ve got a PS mix in the booze cupboard… :thinking:


Stayed up late finishing season 3 of Call My Agent but just got some stuff done on a project I’m helping on (compiling an anthology about Wandsworth by residents, pls pls submit if you are in Wandsworth) AND replied to some texts so I’m feeling pretty productive.

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I’d be interested to hear what people are eating today :arrow_down:

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