Good morning Thursday

Sun is out, it’s a beautiful day and I’m the King of all tiiiimmmmme.

But if you were King what would be your first statesly breakfast?

Still singing this tune all day long


Hi! Absolutely no plans today other than making some slow-cooker pork which I’m very happy about. FAO @kermitwormit are you familiar with Tito the artistic raccoon?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Oh and

Big fry up with a couple of bacon double cheeseburgers on the side.

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That’s a beautiful sky.


Good morning slickstress.

Today is a BIG day!!

It’s nana casinobay’s 100th birthday!!! :birthday: :birthday:

An incredible woman who lives on her own in a house with stairs and up until Xmas was completely independent. This year though there’s been a sharp deterioration in her health so she has carers now.

100 years!!! Still freaks my head when I think that she was born in 1920!!



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Chips with everything!


HB NanaCB :partying_face::beers::tada:

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Amazing!! Happy birthday to her :bouquet::partying_face::partying_face::birthday:


The most ridiculous, unimaginably decadent pastries and a whole bunch of rare variety fruits served with actual greek Greek yoghurt. Coffee.

(winter answer might be different)

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28wk midwife appointment later this morning, so I’m parenting whilst that happens. Off to work after. Struggling a bit today ngl

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In that nice bit of day where it is just me and R, destined to do down hill once my brother gets up to be all passive aggressive at me.

Plan to make some mozzarella aubergine bake thing for lunch and macaroni cheese later. Definitely a very cheesy day.

Film Club tonight as well :partying_face:

Quite want to go for a walk, still too scared of the outside world and also of the sun.

Omg :D!!!
I’m not! He’s so beautiful and talented!!
Thank you, what a wonderful way to start the day


Kippers and poached eggs.

Littlest one has the sniffles so was your early being fussy. Snuggled up and watched Totoro whilst he had his milk, he’s alright now. We are of course isolating at the mo as a result so another day housebound. Back at work (fh) next week so happy to just mill around with everyone rn.

Have finally dug out the play area, gonna order a couple of tonne bags of playbark today.


Had an egg cob from Greggs on the way to work. Been quite good being back in the office 1/2 days a week

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I am STILL painting, last coat today though and then everyone back in their own beds later.

Spent last night with the kids in with me…way too many gangly limbs…

You will be first against the wall


Sending love rt