Good morning, thursdayers.


Been up since 5 ffs, dunno why so got up and made brekko. Quite tired. How’s your day looking?

Morning eric, sitting on the plane just waiting to take off for London. I’m pretty hungry and fancy a coffee.


1 coffee = 1 respect

Godspeeed, lopes.


Morning! Fell asleep early with littlest. Had a dream about not being able to sleep. Then littlest bed hopped all night and the dog needed a wee at 6. Just debating if it’s worth trying to get another half an hour’s sleep or if that’ll make me feel more tired.


Morning all :wave:

Woke up at about 4am and then couldn’t get back to sleep for ages. Brain kept bouncing from one thing to another. Must have drifted off again a few minutes before my alarm.

Today is a fun day though: someone is moving off the streets into a new flat and so my day is going to be spent collecting furniture from Argos and then assembling it.


Got a bit of a cold

So I’m glad I can work from home (for w half day! Woo!), eat soup, watch Succession, and play vidja

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Morning! Continuing the theme, I woke up at 6am and have not been able to get back to sleep but I feel ok about it. I’m sure I will be exhausted later.

Breakfast (porridge and toast)
Work (meetings in the morning)
Lunch (bagel)
Work (hopefully bit much on this afternoon)
Dinner (chicken kiev and chips, I think)
Coursework (gotta do a powerpoint about the themes in Strangers On A Train)

Interspersed with cat cuddling and snacks of all types.

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  • woke up too early and couldnt get back to sleep :unamused:
  • didn’t :smirk:

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At home as I am poorly still.

Aching, temperature, coughing oh so nice! Been awake all night on and off :roll_eyes:

So it’ll be a morning in bed followed by hastily sending in work for my class for this afternoon.

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gws slickster! x


Had a cold this week so been taking paracetamol before bed and I’ve been having dreams - I very rarely have/remember my dreams. Does this mean I don’t usually sleep properly? That’s the question.

I find I remember my dreams better when I’m sleeping a bit more fragmentedly and awkwardly. It’s like all that information is stuffed into an hour or two.

Also having a cold or flu makes them go fackin bananas n all

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M only woke up at 7.51, that’s not to say I slept well as of course I had to get up several times for the cat but still pretty good going. As a result I feel…terrible :partying_face:

Day off today but probably going to spend it working on a presentation for tomorrow (despite having booked tomorrow off too)

I’m not sure your place of work really understands the concept of a day off.


Got to get their money’s worth out of paying me a part time salary but getting sweet sweet full time hours.

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  • :rage:

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Just opened the blinds




Very little to report

Man Costa coffee fucking sucks


eldest just had a positive lateral flow. So that’s 10 days of hell is it?