Good morning, thursdayers.

Keep getting fake-handwritten letters from someone running for council (obviously a lib dem). The crushing sadness when you think someone’s written you a lovely handwritten letter and it’s the lib dem again - and it’s printed out!

My day is ruined


Heard Siobhán McSweeney talk about this. Her flat burnt down with all the inherited stuff from parents in it and whilst of course traumatic she said it was also freeing, like it’s just ‘stuff’

Anyway, X to you. Traumatic dreams are the worst.

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Felt like absolute death this morning, after going on the beers yesterday. Didn’t even have that many and it was spread out across the afternoon and evening. Massively out of practice for that sort of thing.

I’ve just reached the stage of feeling normal again but absolutely starving. Need grease and stodge and salt.


Busy few days for me as I’ve been on campus three times this week. WFH now but working again at the weekend.

I slept ok last night but had weird dreams. Had a bit of a lie in then got up in a panic as I forgot to move my car. No ticket luckily.

Lots of work to do today so I should crack on…any minute now…

:heart: thanks Slicky :blush:

But yes, exactly! Just stuff, Haha. My mum is very sentimental. I’m trying to be less so. It feels so much better when you have a clear out.

just remembered i dreamt that my teeth were falling out

i think that’s supposed to mean something but dunno what

Anxiety? I think all dreams are anxiety related :laughing:

They’re the worst though, hope you and your teeth are okay :tooth:

oh fuck i forgot how often id dream about teeth falling out, breaking, snapping etc … horrible shit

tbh i also dreamt i got decapitated once (by accident) so my dreams are NOT a safe space

I have been considering this but I don’t need wine at the moment.

I can’t believe you’ve done this.

Not sure how many DiSers remember this, but I just found my thought to be long-lost Doctor Zhivago fanfic from 2013

(Disclaimer: I have still never read Doctor Zhivago)

how good is chipotle (flavouring or sauce, not the chain)

  • Great!
  • Good
  • Fine
  • Bad
  • What?

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Can’t stop thinking about Steve the chicken

I’m finding that coffee is having some very strange effects on me recently, might need to go decaff or cut it out completely

remembered to pick up an empire biscuit too … so now I have an empire biscuit!


Fucking boiler has packed in AGAIN!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That coffee thread is worse than any cycling thread I’ve seen.

Where from? Love an empire biscuit.

just Lidl for cheapness/it’s where i got my croissant from too

but the Bluebird cafe just near mine does AMAZING ones with homemade jam too

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I like the ones from chums but I think they might be from the babyfaced baker originally…

Just checked, they aren’t! Who knows then.

not you clearly!

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