Good Morning Tuesday!

It is Tuesday I hope? I’m sure it is

Anyway, I’m happy to report that my regular posts in the daily threads complaining about running out of milk in the morning are OVER, because now the milk comes to us

Apologies to the woman walking her dog outside as I went out in my PJs to bring the milk in. Nobody needs that at 7am.

That’s as much as I’ve got this early in the day, but tell me all about your exciting lives



An investigation into gross misconduct is going to hearing today and should involve a dismissal. Luckily I won’t be tied up on the hearing though. Apart from that, not much else happening tbh. Probably another shit day as they all tend to be atm.

I have an 8 o’clock meeting, which was bad enough, but one of the attendees seems to have sent through a whole load of stuff at 6 am with a request that we all familiarise ourselves with the materials before the call.

Going to have to take my laptop into the shower at this point, Christ.

Are they based in a different time zone or are they a sociopath?

Hey up sugarpops

Was going to get up and sorted to bang out work this morning ahead of the awful back to school next week.

To do list rapidly escalating

Got to sort kids uniforms etc as well



Had a bit too much wine last night just because it was open. Not hungover, just very lethargic.

No particular plans for today though I’ve got a job I need to make a bit of progress on if I get a clear chunk of time - something I said I’d have finished by the end of the month which I’m sure is a fortnight closer than it should be.


Back to work for… 2 days. I assume I’ll have to do a week’s worth of work in that time frame as per.

Morning all!

I’m teaching this morning and then planning this afternoon, which will probably involve me coming home and playing computer games.

Tired. Off to see Ditz/DIIV later



Bit of an unsettled night for everyone last night.

Currently sat on the bed having a coffee having just fed baby.

Will get dressed soon but not rushing.

Need to pop out to buy some gifts and milk today.

Bit muggy out

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Need to go for a little pre work run but I’m still in bed

We got a puppy a couple of weeks ago and I keep forgetting to tell you lot. This is Olive :olive::blush::heart:


Ugh, really unsettled night. Had some pretty bad dreams judging by the sweat but who knows what went on. Feel very tired.

Time for the third cuppa already. Luckily this little beauty always gets a smile out of me

have fun out there punx x




what a beauty! All going well?

We are in a mega toe biting phase :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Read that as, ‘need a pee before work!’

I really need that third cuppa

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Morning :wave:

First day back after a four day weekend. Inbox isn’t too bad, but I did book myself a 9am meeting.

Do you think there’s a thread in “things that really work vs things that really don’t”? I’ve had a couple of nasty insect bites since Saturday and was using After Bite on them, which was the only treatment they had in the chemist. Was absolutely useless and was walking around for two days feeling that my legs were on fire. I got home yesterday and used the supermarket own-brand hydrocortisone-based cream on them, and bam, no more itching or swelling.

:pleading_face::sparkling_heart: please let’s keep up this puppy content in every daily thread, thx.

Majorly irked about a work thing - too boring to talk about but :triumph: