Good Morning Tuesday!

Yours too! Yep all is going really well thanks, she’s been an angel mostly. Sleeps well most importantly. She has her last jab on Thursday so we can take her out the following Thurs, which is great because it’s getting harder keeping her occupied at home all day!

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Please can you list me as her guardian?

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Oh i feel your pain! Rosa had her last jab yesterday so we still have a week. She’s very ready!!

Been one of the best decisions i have ever made though. She is a delight!

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I hadn’t realised quite how humid it was today.

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Is this the break in/hotel stay on Sunday night, or something else? Sounds like a stressful thing to be involved with, even if indirectly at this point

Next week is my last week at this job and I’m still having to try and find a replacement for my line report, 6 months down the line. Sick of it! This is why I’m quitting! Stop making me screen CVs and call strangers!

Oh you’re sounding a bit peaky there squandered, i recommend sitting at home and watching tv for the rest of the week then coming back in and doing as little as possible the week after.
Please take some of these “fuck it, it’s not my problem” capsules 3 times a day


Something else I investigated last week. Hefty gross misconduct, but I was the investigating manager and the decision hinges on my investigation

Off to office for, hmm, 3 hours of discussion of high level strategic priorities. Joy

Another gig tonight at least, Alex G for the third time

Also missing out on a day of fringe shows due to bad planning, irritate

Waiting for a phone interview that was supposed to be at 9.30. FFS.

You’ll be pleased to know I did the run and the wee!

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Snap. Fully in IDGAF mode. Going to do a bit of decorating this week, interspersed with an occasional email.

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Just had a Tesco delivery with zero substitutions.





Can you help me out with this?

And also send me some cooked breakfast?

it was supposed to be an in-person interview.
Season 3 Wall GIF by The Simpsons

Had a smear test in February and it came back inconclusive so had another one today. Treated myself to the nicest croissant after. Wasn’t expecting the butter and the raspberry jam and omg :drooling_face: what an addition. Fucking better be amazing for £2.10


Breakfast for dinner for breakfast

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Seeing a family friend and her kids for the first time since the pandemic today, awww. Quite excited really!

Thinking of you today @sine_wave :heart: