Good morning Wednesday

Got about three hours broken sleep. Whoop let’s go Wednesday!

Got to do a load of tedious shit involving cars and buses and offices so of course my gammy knee has decided that today is the day it’s going to fill up with fluid for absolutely no reason.

Fuck off, Wedkneesday

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Morning :wave:

Massively cba today.


On the tram on the way to the office. Up and out in 25 minutes this morning. When we first started back I was struggling to break 45.

My dad, (Hobbeswhenhewasold?) is in for knee replacement today. He’s fine as he’s already had the other one done. My mum is winding herself right up catastrophising the outcome.




Off work, don’t really have to do anything all day, Malteasers for breakfast.

Full of the sniffles again, got a bit of a stiff back, woke up at 6:40am.

An end-to-end 3-3 draw.

Hey up

Off to We will rock you later. :guitar::guitar:

That’s it.


Morning all!

The Child has decided she doesn’t sleep through the night without intervention anymore so I was awake for no clear reason. I am not well rested.

I’m on strike today so I’ll be heading down to the picket for a bit and then going to Costco.

Can you please get me a couple of pallets of those blueberry muffins that are the size of my face while you’re there? Ta


Oh man, I’m late :woman_shrugging:t2:

This is my first day in the office in like, two weeks. I’m on the tube and it’s minging.

Can’t wait to be back in bed tbh.

Morning all

It’s normally my day off but I switched it to help with some interviews. Which would be fine if I’d remembered to change my alarm. Just woke up. No idea why I’m writing this instead of getting up tbh, I’m only getting more and more late.

Hope you’re all well


Horrendous night as well. Hugs tilty. Was awake between 12 and 4 with various children waking/crying/not sleeping. Gonna see my grandma today, then my mum and sister. Hitting the family visits out


Here’s some good vibes to counteract everyone’s poor sleep (including my own.)


Made myself a coffee without boiling the kettle, good start to the day.


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Cold brew

Yes, a cold brew went down the plug hole

was in bed and asleep at 9.15pm i reckon, and woke at 4am with a sick eldest child. they’re now at home from school (again, jesus) and COVID negative but sick as a parrot, as the saying goes. they’re tanning rubicon mango though, that’ll help.

weather’s legit again, so might take the dog for a walk after some rank meetings and stuff