Good morning


Let’s keep hope alive x


Morning Bam, how’s things coming along?
I’m gonna go out and buy some peppers for breakfast.


Morning bam.

My face has just got really warm.


I’m down with that!

Hiya Bammers,

got into a proper Rizla-level barney with someone on Facebook yday which put my mood in a real funk. Nonetheless, today I am wearing a happier hat, although I wish the rain would = cooling off rather than more muggyness.

How are you fella? x


Mate I thought you were too cool for Facebook? You have to rise above it all. Hope You resolved your beef and everyone friends again anyway. Relative to a lot of people you are really doing well in life and justly so. What have you got planned for today?


Well I went for a run this morning so that should keep my anxiety and depression in check for a while. Look thinner in the mirror which is the kind of tangible progress I can get behind.

Think today will be a slow one, lots of sympathy and cups of tea will be given whilst I put on my carers hat. Gonna carve out some time for me to play videogames though


ahaha i am absolutely not too cool for Facebook sadly. Twitter is too cool for me, and instagram waves hi at me but then gives a look to its pals about me. Been UNresolved. It ended with a spectacular finale of a blowup. But I am as you say having a lot to be grateful for <3 My day and tomorrow is mainly work, but good work that’s fun not the other kind. Tonight I think I’m gonna watch the first of the Three Colours films as it’s been aaaaaages





Sounds lovely on a cold day like this


Not aware of those, how does it rate on the emo scale?


Oh that’s actually quite a hard ruling to make. I think you’d be into it


Plenty of positives in there ma man! Always good to find a bit of time for yourself


Morning Bammers! Hope you’re ok pal.

Went for a cycle this morning and got completely drenched so had to cut it short. Trying to warm my nose up by blowing into my tea while holding the mug aloft at my coupon.

I really want to go and get a Deeley’s haggis toastie but it’s absolutely shitting it down :frowning:


Bonjour !


I think I’ve really swung back away from coffee and towards tea now. it’s really way more satisfying.




Hiya Bam. Went on a long run today, struggled a bit though. I forced myself to do it by basically running really far away from my flat so that I had to run back.

I’m going to London later for a pal’s birthday, just gonna potter around til then I think.

What you up to today?


that’s the spirit! It’s not always easy or fun to run sadly but I always feel better afterwards without fail. I’m going to stick with it this time I think.

Got an occupational therapist coming over to see my mum in a bit so I will try and observe but also not be too present at the same time for that. Other than that just boring shit like washing/ironing and then playing Hearthstone.


Yeah me too. I need someone to encourage me, otherwise I get lazy.

I’ve got boring shit to do too - about 3 days of washing up (I’ve gotten really lazy) and need to do some laundry. That all feels good when it’s done too eh


yeah I mean I used to really loathe Ironing but I’ve made my peace with it now as long as I can put a podcast on or something