Good Music Docs


Hello folk,

I watched Dig the other night (documentary about the Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre and their respective early days and the up and down relationship between the pair of them). It was cracking, and I want to see more.

Only other one of note I’ve seen before was Stalking Pete Doherty. Who’s got more suggestions?

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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is a good one. It’s the making of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.


Pearl Jam Twenty.



The Devil and Daniel Johnston.



but they’re all so irritating in that doc


Loud Quiet Loud, the one about the pixies reunion, is very good. also Anvil. Actually, mainly Anvil. Watch Anvil

  • Anvil: The Story of Anvil - I’d recommend this to anyone with a pulse.
  • Devil and Daniel Johnston - as already mentioned
  • The Punk Singer - which is about Kathleen Hanna out of Bikini Kill
  • Decline of Western Civilisation - only if you’re into punk music stuff, think it’s a little hard to find now as well.
  • Shut Up and Play The Hits - I feel really mixed on this. Liked it a lot at the time but seems a lot wankier now that LCD Soundsystem have reformed. More of a live concert with some talking/backstage stuff inbetween. If you love LCD then it’s probably worth a try.


Not sure how much I’d need to paid to watch a feature length documentary about Pete Doherty. Upwards of a tenner, definitely




Shut Up and Play the Hits
Time is Illmatic
Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap


If it’s still on iPlayer, Rodney P’s hip-hop documentary on BBC4 last month was very good


Fugazi Instrument
Slint Breadcrumb Trail

interesting subject, shit film though


The tom petty one is the best one (long though)

The John Denver one is pretty sad as he deals with alzheimers

Both on netflix


Not seen it for years but tend to remember No Direction Home being really good. Recently watched I’ll Be Me on Netflix which was interesting but also very sad.


ooh another one i love is Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire, reduces me to a blubbering mess every single time


Mistaken for Strangers is good


One of my housemates bought this months ago but haven’t got round to watching it yet. Now I’m quite tempted to try it tonight.


it’s bad, dude. amateurish film-making, doesn’t back up any of its arguments (“because mcdonalds!!!”), has far too many interviews with the brohats of the scene, i could go on but for balonz’ sake i wont.


The Making Of documentaries for Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River are all good though the latter is a bit patchy.


I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is on YouTube

Amy, obviously.

Also enjoyed this Acid House doc