Good music that features marimba


post some pls



moonface - marimba and shit-drums




Friend of mine used to play with these guys - they are amazing


Good thread idea, I love marimba and vibes and all the mallet instruments


I started it coz im forever having to put awful marimba music in tv shows i work on and i want to rehabilitate my view of it :smile:


what type of shows have marimba heavy soundtracks?




Any time anything sciency or pensive happens it’s like serious marimba music. Guy at night on his computer ‘researching’


this would be good for that. Listened to this in the bath the other day like the new age prat I am


ahh, the dude who did that album with Jan Jelinek. nice.


this has a good marimba pulse


Good music that features Ed Marimba


yeah there’s quite a lot Ed Marimba on some Beefheart stuff.


i like these:
midori takada:
thor and friends:
more ‘homemade’ marimba, limpe fuchs:


Pantha du Prince - Abglanz


great name tbf


A man so dedicated to the instrument that he named himself after one