Good names


Tony Scaramucci


Saw this the other day, but hesitated to post it because it’s clearly a hastily-made-up name like Jareth Cutestory or Vincent Adultman:



In Bamburgh Castle earlier this week there was a tapestry by a lady called Nora Balls. There was a sizeable group of grown ups standing around giggling at it.


I worked in Minnesota and tried to watch a baseball game. Was delighted to see Boof Bonser take to the pitch. Just looked it up and it says he was born ‘John Paul’ so now gutted it seems to be a nickname. :frowning:


johnny depp’s assistant on ‘what’s eating gilbert grape’ is credited under the name ‘sweet chops’


I love this. It’s like when Brits get inspirational Chinese/Japanese tattoos that should read ‘adversity is my strength’ and actually say ‘2 for 1 on deep fried pork balls’


Marmaduke Hussey - doesn’t get any better than that


Velvet Milkman!


My mate was at a conference with this guy


Not even the courtesy to @ @VincentAdultman


Yannick Carrasco.


Work uses a training company owned by a guy called OCTAVIUS BLACK who can only live in a fortress under a mountain.


There’s an Octavian at work. Sounds like a Roman emperor. Strong name.


Some Velvet Milkman




I flicked to that ‘FreeSports’ channel earlier and they had ‘American cars going in circles’ on, hosted by a man wearing a Dick Trickle T shirt. I’m guessing you possibly did the same?


This is word for word what I did.