Good news-day Tuesday!

Morning all! Good news - it’s not Monday anymore! We’re edging closer to the weekend!

We changed Joni’s food and she’s loving it, which is very cute to see. I’ve also had a lot of cat cuddles this morning.

Booked to see Worst Person in the World next week which you’ve all got me hyped for.

Having a nice Thai restaurant meal on Thursday :yum:

Do you have any good news?

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Morning Squandered et al!

My good news is that I’m not at work. It’ll be similar good news for the next two weeks.

It’s really wet outside and doesn’t look warm so I’m planning on staying in my PJs most of the day doing admin and playing computer games. I’ll drink some coffee at various points.


Was hoping to run but i can’t be bothered to in this weather. Getting shot of weans into nursery at 10. Hopefully getting to totally squander the day.




Tell you what else, picked up DiS fave Joseph Knox’s book the other day and it’s pretty good alright


It’s cold and grey and I’m reading a depressing book and I didn’t sleep well and and and MOAN

Still, coffee and oranges eh? Aren’t they nice



Unsure if I have any good news if I’m being honest. Other than small stuff like a day off tomorrow

Did a bit of writing last night that was by no means good but it was something. Probably for the writing thread but good grief my style of writing poems calls for SO much writing before cutting it back down. Feel like I’ll be banned from Big Poem Corp if anyone saw my ludicrous style (rather than being banned for being simply bad).

Anyway, i need chai and a pastry but my office is in a pastry black hole and I’m massively late.


how can your office have all the … stuff it seems to have, and no pastryies?

For some reason all the surrounding cafes too don’t do pastries or do ones that are a blight on pastries. Seems no one in the civic quarter cares for good croissants.

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garbage behaviour


Up at crack of Dawn again and enjoying the time before work - chess, piano and exercise. Pleasing.

Imma be hanging out with his mrs not too long from now. Quite chuffed that he’s become one of the increasingly acclaimed names of crime!

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Hmm. My viewing at work got pushed back so my bollocking has been delayed by approx 24 hours. That’s about all I got for dubious good news.

Wearing my pyjamas to work again. Only got three weeks left so very much stopped caring at this point. Got a bunch of lovely stuff to look forward to in the latter half of this month so just gotta get my head down and be boring until then.


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Dawn will have enjoyed that


5 days a week

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Good news is that I’ve cancelled my meetings this morning and replaced them with drinking lemsip, listening to the new Placebo album and reading All Quiet on the Western Front whilst in bed. Feeling like shite but hoping some rest sorts me out.

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Got dentist today. Guess what time.

No office for me to go in til next Thursday when things go back to ‘normal’, so kinda of on a mini strike. Hoping it will make me look busy when we go back