Good news England are going to get to the finals of the world cup

Do you know how I know?
Well I’ll tell you, I was planning where I would watch the finale and imagining how good it would be with all my mates maybe in London watching it, I may even take a football with me and then if we won we would run through the streets blasting it off the buildings and cheering!
Looked in the calendar I’m going shitting camping with the Mrs in a tent in Wales with no TV! So its guaranteed we will make the finals this one time in my life.

Is it still coming home?

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I think so, @meowington please confirm


Similar - it’s when I’m at Latitude Festival with the whole fam so it’s nailed on* we’ll make it…

*Colombia on Tuesday :scream::scream::scream_cat:

They’re already at the finals of the world cup


You and I have a very different definition of the phrase of good news.


as will I but apparently they are playing it at the festival

already in the final too!


Still disaster though!!! Looks like it will clash with Sleeper :scream::scream::scream_cat:

Oh are times up already?

There’s a Clashfinder but I strongly suspect that it is…indicative only:

looks possible. Idles during the second half is a bastard but tbh it depends who’s playing, chances are I’ll go see them instead

I’m planning to go up and watch the final with my old man in his local. I remember 2 World Cups ago he guilted me into going and getting smashed watching the final with him in there by saying to me, “y’know, I don’t know how many of these I’ll have left son…” He was only 56 at the time. The sly old bastard.

England won’t be in it but it’ll be a nice day in the pub.

I just realised this thread isn’t about what everyone’s plans for the final are but I’m posting this anyway. NO ONE CAN STOP ME.


What are everyone’s plans for the finals? Or is that worthy of a new thread?

16 days out? Probably not yet tbh tbf…

Everything’s worthy of a new thread


I am on a flight from Berlin to Gatwick during the final of the mens world cup 2018, that was good planning wasn’t it

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christ :smiley:

I was in a 3 hour English a-level exam during England Brazil in 2002, but that was just bad luck. This one is entirely of my own doing, proper idiocy

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Also just realised that after we SMASH* Colombia the quarter final is Cure day in Hyde Park, which I’m going to :scream::scream::scream_cat: