Good news thread

Hello! Having a bit of a slump the last few days mood-wise so tell me some good things you’ve got going on at the moment please.

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Going to see my son’s ‘band’ perform Ghostbusters in two weeks.

Not really news.


That’s exactly the kind of thing I was after tbh.

Are they gona walk on stage like the real Ghostbusters closing credits?

Short-term: having a nice cup of coffee at the moment

Longer-term: my daughter tells me her mock GCSEs are going OK and she’s much less anxious about them


I have no idea as if I didn’t see £35 leave my account every month I would forget he was doing it as he never tells me. And I got the invite to the gig too I suppose.

There’s a Vietnamese street food place opening up a few doors away from my flat


Oh yeah, Lidl opening near my work!

The shelf that fell on my head last night didn’t kill me. Which is good news for me.


I worked in Lidl for my first job. I did not enjoy it.

I’ve got a new chair I’m quite pleased with

I’m sorry to hear that.

I worked in a Total petrol station. It was OK.

going to play a really fun board game on Friday!

The sun is shining!

Labour are going to win the general election!

Not got into an argument with anyone on DiS for a while!


I got a sonic electric toothbrush and it’s fab and tells me when to move position.

I just bought a v60 dripper (and blame @plasticniki as she reminded me about them).

My dad just sent me a lovely picture of a rainbow.


Our tap water has been classed as drinkable again!! For now.

helped a wasp to get outside into the fresh air earlier

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can you tell us a bit more about the chair please

A picture paints a thousand words


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looks very relaxing

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Been having a genuine panic about how busy my schedule is going to be over the next four months - basically not at home at all an an insane amount of travel and work. Went to see my boss today and explained this and without hesitation she pulled me off one of the projects to lighten the load with zero guilt tripping. I’m still going to be mega busy until Christmas but at least I know there’s a bit of respite. It’s nice to have an understanding boss :+1: