Good, non-fancy wine apps?

I use Untappd for those times that I go wild and have something that isn’t a lager. I’d like something to keep track of wines that I like and don’t like etc. And those are my main two categories of wine so I don’t want a fancy one with lots of information I don’t understand, but if there’s one with suggestions based on what you’ve previously checked etc that would be cool.

Tl;dr basic wine app wanted


What’s yer untapped?

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Could vivino do that? It has a super cool photo recognition thing which I’ve used, but I’m sure you can track wine too.


haalborg. Do not use it much, only when I occasionally feel like a sour rather than a lager.

Don’t like sours so probably no point me adding you.

(Sorry will stop derailing the thread)

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Well I mean please do anyway cause I only have like three friends on there :joy:

Ok :slight_smile: I have only have 2 non-Dis friends on there.

(Oooh I know your name now)

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That stopped being an exclusive club on here about 9 years ago, but welcome aboard!

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Its a solid name.

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my friend had this exact thing. just like untapped but for wine. you scanned the barcode and it found all the info.

no idea what it’s called


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Vivino. That’s exactly what you want.

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Thought growlr was a takeaway beer app. Big mistake


This has done me :rofl:

keep thinking this thread is about wraps

i’m hungry

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You are hereby uninvited from the Glesga meat.

Pretty sure they’re just a practical joke that got out of hand.


aw fuck me, here mate that tap’s well off

eh… no no. it’s meant to be like that.

Bit cold innit?

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