Good Omens (spoilers alert)

Anyone else watching this? An astounding cast.

Not entirely convinced yet but it’s an enjoyable watch.

Watched the first episode so far and then got sidetracked by Chernobyl. Thought it was okay, but lacking the charm of the book so far. Bit worried that the Them, who are the heart of it for me, are going to be sidelined by Glitzy Stunt Casting but we’ll see.

Hi this is the shallowest take ever and I’ve not seen the series yet but I’ve read the book and I imagined both Aziraphale and Cowley to be smokingly hot so I’m kinda disappointed by the casting of Michael Sheen and DB is a beautiful man but what the fuck has the costume department done to him?!
Sorry I mainly watch TV to perve.

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@whiterussian what did you do

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I’m such a newb to all this thank you x

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I’m two episodes in and given that the book has me laughing out in public every few pages, I’m a little disappointed the tv show has only raised a couple of chuckles so far :frowning:


Watched this over the weekend. Really enjoyed it but it seemed pretty clear they spaffed all their budget on casting and so the whole thing looked…not cheap, but like it was trying to look much pricer than it actually was (The Man In The High Castle had this kind of aesthetic on a much greater scale).

Loved the episode with them meeting each other throughout time. Could have watch a full hour of that. In fact, it felt kind of downhill from there for me. The ending felt very rushed; feel like the show could have used at least 2 additional episodes.

Will definitely rewatch it, but only for the Sheen/Tennant banter. Not a bad show by any means but definitely one with an air of missed opportunity.

Also, what the fuck was up with Michael MicKean’s accent? I mean, that man can DO voice work. Was that a deliberate choice? Weird.

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Yeah now I’ve had time to reflect I don’t think this series was all that. Definitely seemed bigger on casting than on scripting.

OK but wouldn’t bother rewatching. Didn’t find it that funny either which apparently the book is in spades.

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It’s been at least 20 years but I remember it being hilarious, and there’s no way I was understanding all of the jokes.

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Have any screen adaptations of Pratchett’s stuff worked? I just remember the 90s animation on Channel 4 of Wyrd Sisters which was so tame they changed the song title The Hedeghog Cannot Be Buggered at All and that Sky one of The Colour of Magic which casts David Jason as Rincewind despite Rincewind being about five decades younger.

no :cry:

it really really is

yup, can confirm this upon recent re-reading

Do the Discworld games count? I thought the first one (never got around to playing the second) captured the ‘feel’ of the books about as well as the day’s technology would allow

you’re quite right - I had forgotten about that - it was pretty good I recall

It would have been around the same time as I read Good Omens, and was playing computer games, so at a guess at least 20 years ago. but yeah it was good, took a lot from the books, and Idle was just perfect as Rincewind

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I played the second Discworld game which was pretty fun.

They did an animated version of Soul Music too which I really like. Can’t imagine anyone other than Christopher Lee for the voice of Death anymore.

Hated David Jason as Rincewind and Albert in the sky ones. Jeff from Coupling was quite good as Moist in the Going Postal adaptation though.

jeff from Coupling is one of the all-time underrated British comic actors. as evidenced by the fact that I know him only as “Jeff from coupling”.

I’ve got the keys to the gates of paradise. But I’ve got too many legs


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