Good People to Follow #2 - Football

Recommend good football-related Twitter shit…

  • quality writers and journalists
  • good podcasts and contributors
  • periodicals and independent magazines
  • decent club fanzines and club-specific accounts
  • non-shit tactics nerds and football finance geeks
  • must-follow English lanugage accounts for foreign leagues
  • cool kit, graphics, retro stuff, etc, etc


Custis is a gold mine


Quite like these:

Pretty much the only one that isn’t partisan honking, ITK nonsense or the regurgitation of incredibly shit memes.


He’s a massive ned but I do like Adam.

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Feels like the most wholesome Twitter account by miles. obviously

These people don’t exist.

There’s a particularly annoying bunch of Twitter tactics nerds who all seem to have moustaches and spend most days congratulating eachother on being clever.

Fond memories of the time one bloke claimed he didn’t even watch the football when he went to see Guardiola’s teams play because he was too busy drawing diagrams and taking notes. In true football Twitter tradition this was followed by someone calling him a paedophile.


Hahaha. Came in to link Tiago Estevao

Carl Anka seems like a gbol:

Oh Tom Victor’s good too.

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Comfortably the best worst jokes on the internet

He seems like a pretty genuine fella. His annotated match notes are great, and he covers a league few people do, so don’t mind him.

There are a few others who aren’t really for me.

The S*n? Must be a cunt

He had a go at F365 earlier this week for not putting the writer’s name on Mediawatch. Next day F365 put “By Neil Custis” at the bottom of Mediawatch he threw his toys out of pram.

He is wonderfully petty. His Athletic stuff is some of the best comedy of the last 12 months.

Entirely normal man


And sure enough

His moaning is nearly always wrong but, hilarious. He had a go at the wrong Train Company earlier this season, he had a go at uber awhile back, Manchester Airport and he also once lost it at United for not being invited to a kit launch.