Good pillow for bad neck

Until I was in my twenties I’d just use two cheap pillows to sleep on or whatever I was given.

Now I’m finding every pillow I buy, including memory foam ones, just give me terrible neck ache. They just sink in and stay like it.

The only one that is ok is a single naff supermarket pillow which is odd as I always hated having a single pillow growing up

What pillows or brands are actually good?

Good Necks For People Who Love Bad Necks


Death pillow for cutie




I remember there was a lot of chat on here about Dunlopillo before. Have you tried changing the stiffness of your pillow? Personally I’m a hard pillow person, and really soft ones make my neck hurt.

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It depends whether you tend to sleep on your side, or on your back, as the degree of ‘sink’ required is significantly different on both (less on the side, to keep your head level given your shoulder width, and more on the back, to keep your spine straightish up through your back)

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Depends which position you sleep in. I bought an Eve

I sleep on my side mostly, and on my stomach (but push my pillow away when I do). Can’t say I love the pillow compared to a lovely squishy one but I’ve had fewer issues with my shoulder and neck than I used to

I use one totally shite thin pillow because every other pillow is extremely uncomfortable. Probably have to replace it and I’ve no idea where I’ll get a similarly shite pillow.

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I’ve bought you all of these.

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Have you tried a bosom? I’ve heard everybody needs a bosom, for a pillow.

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