Good places to buy glasses

My glasses frames are pretty dull. Anywhere that I can buy some decent glasses? I’ve been with Boots Opticians for ages. Their frame selection is shit.

Should’ve gone to Specsavers, m9

Their selection was slightly better than Boots but not by much. Any good internet sights?

A friend once told me that you can get them cheaper online plus better range etc. if you just get your prescription from the opticians and then bin them off

Said friend also loves HotUKDeals and Quidco so make of that what you will

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(I just ended up buying a cheap pair at specsavers because cba)

All my glasses are from - think they do lenses and frames + delivery for £125. It’s worth it for the quality - I’ve had all of my pairs for nearly 5 years and I’ve not had to have them reshaped or tightened or anything.


glasses direct are pretty good


Cheers. If you have a face like mine you need all the help in improving my look. I’ll check those suggestions out. Thanks.

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I know no one cares. But I got mine from here. An excellent range. The high streets tend to have slight variations of the same design.