Good places to eat in Highbury corner area?

Need to eat somewhere before CHON at the Garage tomorrow. Are there any cheap and cheerful Italian restaurant by any chance?

Couple nice thai places on the corner opposite the alwyne. Jeremy’s iron swears by black axe mangal on the roundabout.

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Oh there’s a couple italian places on st pauls road but never eaten in them

temptations cafe do nice sangers. used to pop in there most days on my way up to Hertford for work…5 years ago.

Trullo is a great Italian restaurant (opposite the Hen & Chickens). Not particularly cheap though.

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Piebury Corner, obviously

actually come to think of it, there are two cheap(ish) italian places right outside the garage. one is called la pasta (lol) and the other one is right next door.

Oh man, trullo is awesome

Wetherspoons obviously


Pho place across from the Garage is pretty good.

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I usually go a bit further down Upper Street and eat at the (French, not Italian) Petit Auberge or Le Mercury.

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love how this thread is basically all recommendations for non-italian and not cheap options :smile:

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Bird is ok if you like that kind of thing.

Yeah that place is alright. Food’s good but it’s a) too expensive and b) too cramped in there because it’s tiny. I wouldn’t go again myself.


My recommend is cheap(er)

The Dirty Duck (Wetherspoons) does pizza now as well as lasagne. So there’s your Italian. And cheap.

Haven’t actually been myself but Zia Lucia (Franco Manca style sourdough pizza) is just up Holloway Road and everyone I know who has been there really liked it.

Theres no such thing as good cheap italian. Unless it’s pizza.

Just go to le mercury.

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Thank god there is such a thing as cheap French.