Good Pubs/Bars/Cafes in SE London?

Mainly Greenwich, Dulwich, Peckham Area but open to ideas.

I’m there during the day before heading North for Interpol next Friday?

Already know about Cutty Sark (obvs), Frank’s Rooftop and Busey Building in Peckham cheers.

Four Quarters (Peckham), Hop Burns & Black (Dulwich), Beer Shop (Nunhead), Stormbird (Camberwell)… if you like beer.

Brick Brewery in Peckham? Barstory next door. Quite like the Gowlett, they’ve got good pizzas.

Pubs in Dulwich are a bit “meh” imho. There’s a v nice lil bakery / cafe just off the end of Lordship Lane by Goose Green.

:hugs::hugs::hugs: Birdie Num Nums :hugs::hugs::hugs:



Greenwich is lovely for a walk around in the summertime, but it will also be hellish busy.

As a New Cross resident, ie the bit between Greenwich and Peckham, I’ll tackle that if you fancy.

London Particular - both a cafe and a bar, separate branches right next to each other:

If it’s good weather, The New Cross House has an awesome beer garden. Nice food/drinks too if a little pricey:

The Rose is good for pizza and also has a nice beergarden:

For the beer purist, Beer Rebellion is the place to go:

Local’s tip, the garden at Out Of The Brew cafe is a lovely spot:

Yup, anywhere but ^here…

New town, same story so my desire is a length of love, and it’s not a time to be so small, so if my memory serves you should try it on: C’mere to Subway. They’re all the rage back home (in NYC).

Oh, I feel there is a story behind this! I’ve always found it quite nice.

Made the national news thanks to this idiot:

But as dick-ish as he clearly is, I have some sympathy as the three times I’ve visited they seem to be incapable of serving anything right. The last (and I mean last) time I went in there I had to send a black coffee back twice as it was vaguely brown, flavour-less water, and when it returned exactly the same on the third go I just left it. What kind of cafe can’t serve you a black coffee?

I might slightly hijack this thread. I was going to ask nearer the time, but this looks the best place to ask.

On Sunday 10th, my house mate is playing a gig at The New Cross Inn and we’ll be driving a drum kit up.

Could anyone recommend a good pub to have a drink and get food.
Also what will parking be like?

Loads of free parking out of the back of the venue around Fordham Park.

The New Cross House mentioned ^above is directly opposite and is good for food and drink…

Have not been, is it any good?

Thanks pal

The pub directly opposite the New Cross Inn has good pizzas

You can park on the road on the ring-road bit if you continue down past the pub towards Greenwich on a Sunday.

Would go just across the road and round the corner to the Fat Walrus instead. Great food, well priced and a nice little garden to boot

Not a chance I’m ever setting foot in a place called Birdie Num Nums despite having just lived 30 seconds away from it for three years…

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Cheers pal. If your around come along. It’s Adams new band.

Oh really? Would definitely have headed over if I still lived there

This^ is also good, although probably worth booking if you’re heading there on a Sunday evening…

Always a pleasure to help a Palace fan :+1:

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