Good Questions You've Come Up With (No Albatrosses)


What was the last decade to see the death of a British monarch?


How do we know that the colours we see are all perceived the same to ourselves? What I see as green may be what you see as red #makesuthink


Not sure how that would fly in a pub quiz pal.


If music is good for the soul, but attachment to material possessions is soul-destroying, then were does the soul stand on things like cassettes, CDs, records, and musical instruments? Is streaming the perfect medium for the soul, as it’s immaterial? Then what of the computers, smartphones, tablets, speakers and headphones required to listen?


Who’s the only member of ZZ Top to not have a beard


1970s, for Edward VIII?

(Assuming that a British queen, by marriage, doesn’t count)


The fella who’s surname is Beard


ironic isnt it!


You couldn’t make it up!


My friend said her cat doesn’t like men, but how do cats know what gender someone identifies as?


Who’s the only currently active footballer to have scored 100+ goals in more than one of europe’s top 5 leagues


They give them a Cat scan!!!


Yeah, that was the answer I was thinking of.

Weird to think what would have happened if he’d never abdicated and had lasted up till the 70s.


came up with a cracker in this morning’s team meeting:

‘Would including an ‘email already in use’ message on the website sign up form that triggers when a user tries to sign up with an email associated with an existing account have privacy implications?’

loads of ooos and aaahs. I have no answer to this yet, but i’ll keep you all updated.


Who had 8 number ones in the 80s, 9 in the 90s, none in the 00s and 1 in the 2010s?


King Edward VIII


Let’s just say World War II would have possibly played out slightly differently.


As good an answer as any. Well done! :slight_smile:


Number 1’s on the UK singles chart? Or is that deliberately ambiguous?


UK Singles Chart