Good quiz night ideas/gimmicks/bonus rounds etc

^what it says up there. I’ve been asked to run a pub quiz and I want some inspiration please

Get them to make something with Lego/Play-Doh - no effort required on your part apart from deciding what they make then judging the creations, and it could use up about 10 minutes

Play your cards right (you need large novelty playing cards). Or an archery round, introduce an element of danger to proceedings.

A music round where you sing songs in the club style


guess the intro

guess the outro


guess the pre-chorus section

Name the sampled artist in hip-hop tracks


Have you ever played Linkee? Have a bonus question at the end of each round and you have to guess the link between each answer. 10 points if you get the link after the first guess, then 8/6/4/2

You can do a bonus round where everyone puts in a quid (or 50p, or whatever), then everyone has to stand up, and you ask them a series of true or false questions - people who say true put up their right hands, false do their left. Then when you give the answer, everyone who was wrong sits down. You keep going until you have one person left, and they get the cash.

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Rude words countdown round

what happens if everyone gets the question wrong

I’ve done that with heads or tails on a coin flip before, rather than true or false. That works too.

fight to the death

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Best Thunderbirds impression.

If you secretly want one team to win, disqualify other teams for doing Captain Scarlet impressions.


just make sure breaks don’t go on for about 15 mins a time

trick o’ the trade innit. Under orders to try to keep as many people in the bar for as long as possible

Not a fan of all this nonsense. Just give them rounds and rounds of quality questions. That’s what a quiz is.

Last pub quiz I went to had a fancy dress round. What is the world coming to.

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