Good radio programmes

What do you listen to?

Desert Island discs
The News Quiz
Craig Charles

When this gets rotated out for The Now Show or Dead Ringers… :angry: :weary:


Popmaster (not a programme but idc)
Counterpoint when it’s on

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Used to like Late Junction

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Most 5live football coverage

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I really like This Classical Life on Saturdays on Radio 3 at 12:30pm I think, it’s so sweet

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Radcliffe and Maconie on a Saturday and Sunday morning
Now Playing on 6music on Sunday evening as I make dinner.

Sara Cox on Friday drive home

Desert Island discs if someone good is on.

Gideon coe

Some good quizzes on her show.

I like her a lot.


This sometimes comes on in the car and I think it’s the worst thing commissioned by Radio 4. Then occasionally I’m reminded of Dead Ringers.


I used to like bits of The Now Show. The audience question used to be quite funny. Listened to it at the start of the year, awful. They had some right wing person trying to make jokes about the left and it was embarrassing.

The Unbelievable Truth

haven’t bothered with The News Quiz since Jupp left, is it still any good?

don’t like how they can’t just decide on one new host.

Zaltzman’s stint was quite amusing (if you like Andy Zaltzman), but definitely loses something over Zoom.

quite like Zaltzman so meant to listen to some of his but never got round to it

i used to never get round to listening to podcasts cos i was always listening to radio shows but this year it’s flipped the other way round