Good recorded music from pre-1950s


can’t stand jazz. big band stuff is annoying. any proto-rock n roll or rhythm and blues shit i should know about?


i quite enjoy 20s/30s/40s blues singers, the earlier stuff particularly is often quite fuzzy which i like (like the original lo-fi music) and lends it a particularly haunting quality.

Leadbelly is an obvious one:

as is Robert Johnson:

Blind Willie Johnson i find particularly incredible

think Dylan covered this one on his first album:

a lot of this stuff is covered, adapted or directly referenced by the liked of Dylan, Nick Cave, Led Zeppelin etc.


Woody Guthrie too of course


Sounds like you’re after some boogie woogie shizzle


Jimmie Rodgers maybe?


if you don’t know I’d highly recommend Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music.


Another blind willie


Barbecue Bob

Peg leg Howell

Scrapper Blackwell


blues singers have the best names


Anything by Howlin’ Wolf


Random gems like this are great:


I enjoy the acoustic blues sounds of Mississippi John Hurt. Don’t have any particular recommendations but he didn’t record that many tunes.


Just adding to the blues camp - John Lee Hooker. He was a bit later but got going in the forties I believe.