Good sad-sounding 2018 albums?

What’s some good sad sounding albums from this year? I’ll go:

Bill Ryder-Jones - Yawn (7.5/10, sad but also nostalgic sounding slowcore)

City Calm Down - Echoes In Blues (8/10, mixed but often depressive and very serious sounding post-punk)

Suede - The Blue Hour (7/10, more agonized and angsty than purely sad, lively guitars)

Now only - mount eerie, heartbreaking


Wave Pictures - Brushes with Happiness

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That Marissa Nadler - For My Crimes EP

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Julien Baker, of course - the Bonnie Tyler it’s acceptable for indie kids to like:

(I love her for the avoidance of doubt)


Mount Eerie was this year? That changes everything

Came here to post this.

Self Defense Family’s Have You Considered Punk Music

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Yowler’s Back Dog In My Path. Some of it reminds me of The Glow Pt. 2, and overall it’s a very cold, sad album.

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While probably a lot louder and faster than what normally comes to mind with sad-sounding albums, between his voice and the melodies I have to thrown in Mastersystem’s Dance Music.


Dan Michaelson ‘First Light’, may have been late 2017 but is gloriously slow, sad and langourous.

Offerings by Typhoon, absolute heartbreaker

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Yeah, I’m just going to need you to set up some standing order, every time you love a record, I need to know.
Your recommendations have blown my mind this year.

Only two tracks in and stunned.

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Adrianne Lenker’s new one


Advance Base - Animal Companionship
For me the pairing of the storytelling lyrics and simple keys has a real melancholic feel

Tomberlin - At Weddings
Album centre’s around loss of faith, her finding her feet outwith a religiously conservative family and navigating tough relationships, all set to lo-fi, Grouper esque backing. Owen Pallet produced

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Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been meaning to try it again for months and inexplicably keep forgetting. I know it’s going to take many listens to fully process, but I just got through my first one since January and I’m really intrigued again. I forgot how amazing that Empiricist climax is, and the album’s closing sequence is fantastic. And thematically it’s brutal.

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Lots of beautifully sad records from women this year. Some were already mentioned above.

  • few that are probably not as known, like:
    Fenne Lily - On Hold
    Sun June - Years
    wished bones - cellar belly
    Juliana Daugherty — Light
    Emma Trica - St. Peter
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good ol’ sad-sounding break-up album