Good Small Chains or Shops Specific To Your Area

Let’s drown ourselves in more banality eh

Percy Ingles is like Gregg’s but it’s in East London and I think Essex, their vegetable pasties are to die for.
I am also told their Jamaican chicken bakes are nice.

What’s good in your area? Don’t say fucking Booths, only real shops please.

Percy Ingles is also down in south London innit. GBOBakery.

Morley’s, obv :heart:


I think it extends to all London but it was founded here and here is where its heart is.

Lyons chicken is superior to Morleys.

Isn’t it Lions??

Never been in one but they look good.

Coffee Lab

Brilliant coffee chain in the South (Winchester, Stockbridge, Southampton, Chichester, Salisbury). Also do amazing Brownies.

Wait, there are more?

One on Brockley Road, there’s one in Crystal Palace I think… is there one in Peckham?

Bere’s roast pork sandwich shop


You pronouncing that Berreh or Bearer


Naked coffee bournemouth. Quite a chilled, hippy vegan vibe, but apart from that it’s really great.

There is a chain of vets called Zasman Vets that seems specific to in and around my local area. I have not needed to visit them but they seem charming.

Think it was started by a Hungarian fella and that was his surname, so the former I guess. 11 shops. All in Sheffield

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Lord of the Pies

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In Brighton

Small Batch Coffee - decent coffee chain that are all over the city these days. Roast their own beans too. Proper coffee snobs claim they have gone downhill but I’m not enough of a coffee geek to notice, All their food is overpriced though

Grubbs Burgers - Legendary local burger chain. Pre date the gourmet burger era, but v good hangover/ drunk food. Massive portions of chips, popular with veggies and vegans too. Mine’s a bacon burger

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Somewhat disappointed to see that Coffee Lab Winchester doesn’t appear to have replaced any Winchester shop or cafe of my childhood. Was hopeful it would have replaces Cafe Nero or something.

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Please feel free to turn this into the Good Small Shops in Winchester thread.

Still shocked that every town doesn’t have a Wilko

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Percy Ingle’s bun and cake selection is excellent.

Two that are opening in Leytonstone in the next couple of months that I’m looking forward to trying out, given the other branches:

  • Eat17 (the ‘hipster Spar’ places)
  • Yard Sale Pizza