Good song, horrible recording


No way. Those early Bad Seeds with the cavernous Hansa Studios sound are just so atmospheric and fabulous sounding.


Earth AD by the Misfits. And amazing album almost ruined by such shitty production.


‘Firstborn Is Dead’, yes, ‘Your Funeral…’ and ‘Tender Prey’ not so much. (Though i don’t much like the songs on ‘Your Funeral’ either)

It might be a mixing rather than recording issue, i find the reverb on tender prey muddies things up a lot. That being said some of the drums sound a bit weak on it, I’m thinking of ‘Mercy’ in particular.

I don’t know, whenever i listen to it i wish it had been recorded and mixed the way ‘Let Love In’ was. Love the sound of that one.


We’ll have to agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong with clean sounding records, but the ‘muddiness’ of those Bad Seeds is a big part of their allure for me.

Der Hansasound ist wünderbar


Goin’ Home by Neil Young. Live it’s one of his best songs since the 70s, studio version sounds really flat and leaden.


aye, it would actually be much less shite if they were recorded to sound like the Live at the Astoria versions.


all part of the charm though, innit. wasn’t quite the same when they embraced the studio.


woah there



I mean, yes

but I also love that sound


I can’t be doing with so much early Nick Cave. just sounds so thin and dated, recording-wise.


Oh Christ, how about anything ever recorded by Brian Eno


Or anything David Byrne has ever been involved with


his own music is quite good tho

and y’know… Remain in Light/Bush of Ghosts




Most John Lennon and George Harrison solo material


I like the title track and ‘sad waters’. ‘Stranger than kindness’ is ok. The rest are overlong and repetitive dirges. Badly recorded ones at that :wink:


Aye i can understand that. i feel similarly about, say, ‘the idiot’ by Iggy (also a hansa recording) which just has an atmosphere i love despite any technical shortcomings the recording/mix might have. that said i think alot of the heavier songs in particular on ‘tender prey’ would have more physical heft had they a more dry sound. Not so much of a complaint about the technical side of things, more a subjective feeling that the sound of the record doesn’t suit the character of those particular songs. But yes, it seems we’ll have to agree to disagree on this :+1:


Definitely disagree on principle, the lofi-sound collage versions just have a different type of charm when compared to the straight rocking live ones.

That said, my nomination was going to be Large Hearted Boy by GBV. The album version just feels sort of hollow, not lofi and warm and fuzzy but not punchy and big either, feels like there’s a whole frequency band missing.

However, this version kicks ass and this may be the coolest anyone has ever looked in a knitted jumper :sunglasses:


I was going to wait a few weeks before posting this in the R.E.M. thread, but Collapse Into Now is utterly ruined by that brickwalled mushy smear of a “production” job Jacknife Lee inflicted. There’s some genuinely great songs on that album, but none get the space to soar like they should. Imagine the epic vocal outro of ‘It Happened Today’ produced and mixed with the space and depth and clarity of (say) ‘Belong’; it would sound incredible


I think it’s the piano sound on other tunes I don’t like, really. like, this one’s great.